Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Leon’s Campaign: Chapter 3

Four Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems can also be found in Chapter 3 of Leon’s campaign and the following collectibles’ guide reveals their exact locations.

In Resident Evil 6, the third chapter featured in Leon’s campaign, continues the events of the second chapter, after Helena finds Deborah. Accused for the president’s death, Leon and Helena now become fugitives.

The third part in our full Resident Evil 6 collectables’ guide, refers to Chapter 3, and explains where to look for all Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems, while playing this specific part of the game.

If we collect all Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems following the guide, we will unlock the achievement/trophy named “They’re action Figures”, and the third action figure in the game, which represents Derek Clifford Simmons.

First Serpent Emblem Location

The first Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem in this chapter is located in the starting area. We make sure that after the introductory cutscene, we advance slowly, following the stairs down.

When we reach the next chamber, we look around and we should see that it is a round room. The next door should have two torches and two levers.

While facing the gate, we turn right and look up. The Serpent Emblem can be observed on the ceiling. We shoot it down and move forward through the gate.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

The second Resident Evil Serpent Emblem in Chapter 3 played as Leon, is easy to find if we know where to look for it. As we begin the chapter, we find out that we are inside some sort of catacombs.

We start our exploration, and we will eventually reach a door that can be opened using the ring we received from Ada.

After we survive the attack, we open the door and behind it, we will see a tunnel filled with water. We advance slowly, and in front of us we can see a large monster swimming around. At this point we will have to follow another tunnel to our left as we go around the said creature. It is important to observe that the tunnel splits in two different paths.

The one to the left (lower) is flooded, but to the right is a detour that allows us to exit the water. In this specific area we can see multiple coffins, but only one of them can be opened. It should be on our left side, while facing the waypoint (approximate distance: 26 meters). If we open the casket, we will find the RE6 Serpent Emblem we are looking for.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

The third RE6 Serpent Emblem can be missed if we don’t pay attention to the environment. As we progress through the game, we will enter a new area, which is in fact a cave. While trying to escape the cave, at some point, we will be separated by our partner.

Our goal is to cover Helena, while she tries to lower a bridge for us.  After we reunite with Helena, we continue to advance slowly until we reach a point where we have to push a boulder.

Once the large rock is pushed, and our path is clear, we will have to proceed by climbing another rock. In the distance, on the right side, while facing the waypoint (the distance between us and the point should be around 41 meters), we can see the Serpent Emblem attached to the cave’s wall.

For better guidance, it is important to know that after we collect this Serpent Emblem, we will have to lower another bridge, but unlike all previous bridges, for this one, we need both characters. We will notice that once the bridge is lowered, a short cutscene starts, and both characters will fall deeper into the cavern. Moments later we will have to escape the cave, by completing a race against time.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

For the third Resident Evil 6 Emblem, we have to investigate the correct area. To get it, as soon as we escape the water, being chased by the infested shark, we have to stop. We reunite with Helena, by reaching the surface, before the shark can catch us.

In front of us we should see a gate that allows us to exit the cave; however, instead of pushing that gate, we turn right and we can observe a ladder. We climb that ladder, and keep pushing forward following the only path available. As we cross several bridges, while the distance between us and the waypoint increases, we have to pay attention to the barrels on the right side of the tunnel. Next to one of them we should see a box containing some ammo for the 5.56 mm NATO rifle.

This specific barrel, which is broken, holds the Serpent Emblem we need to collect. We take it, and then retrace our steps, to help Helena. The boss battle resumes moments later, and we will be able to complete the current chapter, starting the next one.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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