Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Leon’s Campaign: Chapter 2

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 2 in Leon’s Campaign, continues the events of the previous chapter, after Leon and Helena manage to escape the city; and just like in the first chapter, while playing Chapter 2, we can find several Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems.

Accompanied by several survivors, Leon Kennedy and Helena continue to push towards Tall Oaks Cathedral, where they hope to find some answers.

The following guide explains where to look for the hidden Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems in the second chapter of Leon’s Campaign. For achieving this task, we will be able to unlock Helena Harper’s action figure.

First Serpent Emblem Location

In the second chapter, we can find one of the Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems in the cemetery. To locate it faster, we have to make sure that we are on the path in the cemetery, moving towards the cathedral. The Serpent Emblem is attached to a column, on the left side of the road.

If we stay on the path, we can’t see it; therefore, we have to make sure that on our screen, the distance between us and the cathedral’s entrance is around 45 meters. In the same location, we can see a light pole, and a brown flag on which we can read: Tall Oaks Cathedral.

While facing the pole, we turn left, and we can observe several tombstones and a column. The Serpent Emblem is attached to that specific column, on the side facing the fence.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

Without paying close attention to the environment, the next RE6 Serpent Emblem can be missed. To get it, first, we have to enter the cathedral. After a short discussion with Helena, we will have to solve a small puzzle and open the corridor under the altar.

Eventually, while solving this puzzle, we will reach the second floor of the main hall, by climbing a ladder lowered by Helena. As soon as we climb the said ladder, we have to locate the door we used to get inside, which is on the ground floor. Above the door is a round window (third floor). Attached to it, is the Serpent Emblem.

The window is on the opposite side of the altar. To get this emblem we have to make sure that we use Leon’s pistol and aim for it, or we can collect it later.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

The next collectible is also very hard to find, and it is in the underground laboratory.

First, we solve the puzzles and open the cell doors, in both rooms we cross. Eventually, we will reach a tunnel and our team-member (Helena) becomes nervous because she can’t find someone.

This specific tunnel features multiple adjacent chambers. We must investigate them, especially those on the right side, while facing the next waypoint.

We can notice that some of these rooms are in fact bathrooms. What we need to do, is to look for a sink that has some orange garbage in it.  Once we find it, we must flush the garbage, and the Serpent Emblem will be revealed. To determine the exact location of the bathroom, we make sure that we are 23 meters away from our next objective.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

Another RE 6 Serpent Emblem can be found after we exit the underground laboratory. Our objective will change as soon as we enter a tunnel, filled with water, and we will be asked to find Deborah.

When we reach this area, we will slowly advance towards our objective paying attention to the left side of the tunnel.

The Serpent Emblem can be located after we crouch the second time to pass under a lowered arcade. The collectible is in the background and the distance between the item and the next checkpoint is around 39 meters.

Once we collect it we focus on our mission, and complete the chapter, to start the third one.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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