Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 3 Serpent Emblems: Chris’ Campaign

The following Resident Evil 6 Chapter 3 Serpent Emblems in Chris’ Campaign can be located as soon as we complete Chapter 2, if we decide to continue our search for Ada; and the game guide below reveals their exact location.

Now, that we know what happened in Edonia, and how Ada tricked Chris Redfield at the end of the second chapter, we return to China, where Chris and Piers have been sent in the first chapter of the campaign.

During the first cutscene, we learn that Piers managed to track down Ada Wong and he tells Redfield that she is also in China, which explains why the BSAA team was trying to catch her when they’ve met Leon and Helena (Chapter 4 in Leon’s Campaign).

If we play the video game’s campaigns in the same order as they appear in the menu, it is also important to remember that Chris and his team met in Chapter 2, Jake and Sherry.

Eventually, these events and the reasons for which they were in Edonia will be revealed while playing their campaign; however, Leon also met them in China (Chapter 4 in Leon’s Campaign). Both these events play an important role in the game’s plot.

First Serpent Emblem Location

The first Serpent Emblem in Resident Evil 6 Chapter 3 of Chris’ Campaign can be found while tracking down the creature that attacks one of our BSAA crew members.

As we progress through the city, we will eventually reach a park for kids. The exit in this area is through a red gate.

We open it, and we return to the street where a cutscene starts, showing a tall building to the right. After this cutscene we remain with our back to the gate, and turn left, to locate the RE6 Emblem near some brown boxes, on the side opposed to the building we saw in the cutscene.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

The next RE 6 Serpent Emblem is available after we assist Jake and Sherry, and after we destroy the helicopter sent by Neo-Umbrella, moments later. To complete this task we use the grenade launcher, and then we can focus on our objective which takes us back into a building.

We cross the corridor, and follow our team, paying attention to one of the gates they open. It should be a yellow gate. As soon as we enter through this gate we turn left, not right as our objective tells us to.

The first thing we should see is a green table used in China to play Mahjong. We go around the table and we can spot another room. Near the entrance to this room, we turn right and on a bed is the RE 6 Serpent Emblem.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

The third Resident Evil Emblem is in the harbor area, where we will have to destroy another BSAA helicopter.

At some point the helicopter will appear and we will have to escape it, by completing a race. We jump from one boat to another following the piers, until we reach a dead end. It is a large boat where we should see a gong. Using the grenade launcher we take out the helicopter, and then while facing the gong we turn around.

At the same level where the helicopter was flying moments ago, we can see a structure made of pipes. On top of the structure is the RE6 collectable we are looking for. We should know that if we run out of ammo for the grenade launcher we can use the stairs on the other side of the boat to reach the second floor.

Here we should see several smaller chambers and we can destroy the Chinese vases inside to get more grenades. Once the collectable is acquired and the helicopter destroyed we push forward following Ada.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

The final emblem in Resident Evil 6 Chapter 3 included in Chris’ Campaign, should be found after we meet Leon and Helena.

We watch the cutscene which reveals how Chris reached the same location as Leon, following two different targets, and then a race through the city starts. While Leon and Helena continue to follow Simmons, Chris and his team member must focus on Ada.

During the race, we will eventually, reach an underground parking lot, where multiple J’avos with Humvees will block our path. Behind the Humvee in the middle, is a bus, and attached to it is the fourth Serpent Emblem in Resident Evil 6 Chapter 3.

We shoot it down using our vehicle’s machine-gun, and then continue to chase Ada, until the end of this chapter. When we catch her, the chapter ends, and the next one begins.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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