Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 2 Serpent Emblems: Chris’’ Campaign

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 2 in Chris’ Campaign also features 4 Serpent Emblems, just like the previous level, and the collectibles’ guide below reveals their exact locations, providing tips and hints on how to find them faster.

At the end of Chapter 1, we were able to investigate the attack that occurred in China, but in Resident Evil 6 Chapter 2 of Chris’ Campaign, we will be sent to Edonia.

When the second chapter featured in Chris’ Campaign begins, we will see him encouraging his team; however by the time we complete this specific level, several unexpected events will unfold.

These events have a direct connection with other campaigns in Resident Evil, such as Jake’s Campaign and Ada’s Campaign.

Note: Before starting this mission, we should be aware that the second Serpent Emblem is easier to acquire if we play as Piers.

First Serpent Emblem Location

The first RE 6 Emblem in Chris’ Campaign Chapter 2 is located after we manage to escape the boss encountered on the streets.

If we leave the area, we will continue to advance and we will have to use the APC as cover while fighting the J’avos, on a wider street. When we reach the end of the street, the APC will be destroyed, several meters away from the next waypoint.

We push forward, and Finn will cut a fence. Next, we will have to jump down and protect Finn Macauley until he plants a charge to blow up the gate wagon and create an exit point. While facing Finn we turn right and sprint towards the other side of the area, where we should look for a metal cabin.

We focus on the right window of the said cabin and through the bars we can see the Serpent Emblem.

Note: If we stay near Finn until the wagon blows up, a cutscene triggers, and we will automatically leave the area, missing the first Resident Evil 6 collectible in Chapter 2.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

The second Serpent Emblem in Resident Evil 6 Chapter 2 can be found after we escape the B.O.W monster. Eventually, we should see a large bridge in front of us.

At this point in the game, our team will separate. Chris will follow the lower level of the bridge, while Piers will have to cover him.

If we decided to play as Piers, we will have no problems in finding the emblem. What we need to do, is to follow the waypoint, and jump over the gap. Next, we take out the J’avos we encounter and continue to advance on the other side of the bridge, by climbing some stairs. When we reach a room, Chris will ask us to take out the tank on the other side of the bridge by shooting the gas tank behind it.

If we take a close look, we can observe on the right side of the bridge, but under it, the Emblem we are looking for. Its exact location is near the right sustaining pillar, to the right.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

After we defeat the turrets and take out the huge B.O.W, we say goodbye to Sherri and Jake (notice that Chris knows the mercenary) and then we will reach another checkpoint.

Next, we will enter a mansion where we can find the third Serpent Emblem.

Inside the mansion we advance slowly without following Finn. Once we enter the main room (ground floor) we choose one of the sides and go around the stairs that takes us up. This room features a hallway in the back, and if we go around, we find the collectible attached to a wall, between two pictures.

We take it down, and then proceed following the stairs, to the next floor.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

The final Serpent Emblem in Resident Evil 6 Chapter 2 Chris’ Campaign can be found after we discuss with Ada. We can notice that she has some information about Neo-Umbrella and we keep this in mind while playing Ada’s Campaign (unlocked by completing Leon’s Campaign, Jake’s Campaign and the current campaign).

Once the conversation ends, Ada tells us to follow her; however, if we want to find the last RE6 collectible, we should ignore this order.

Instead, we look around and locate a board with some notes on it. If we go around the corner (right side while facing the board) we see a hidden backroom and a cabinet. On it is the last RE6 Emblem, which allows us to unlock the action figure showing Piers Nivans.

At the end of the chapter we find out what exactly happened in Edonia, why Chris was chasing Ada in Leon’s Campaign Chapter 4, and why Chris ended up in a bar (explained in Chapter 1). The events in Chris’ Campaign continue in Chapter 3.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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