Remember Me Walkthrough

Remember Me Walkthrough

Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Capcom for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, Remember Me is an action-adventure video game released on June 4, 2013, and one of the most anticipated videogames of 2013.

Previously known as Adrift, Remember Me was officially announced in 2012 at Gamescom, where visitors were able to see a gameplay demonstration, as well as a teaser trailer.


The events in Remember Me, take place in a futuristic Paris, called Neo-Paris. The  year is 2084, and the entire city is controlled by a corporation known as Memorise, which has designed a brain implant named the Sensation Engine, or as it is presented throughout the cutscenes, Sensen.

Helped by the Sensation Engine, the Memorise Corporation can control citizens, allowing them to share and upload their memories on the net or to remove all unpleasant remembrances.

Since most civilians wear the implant, some of them became addicted, by absorbing too many memories, thus turning into mutants, or Leapers.

Other civilians decided to fight the Memorise Corporation, becoming rebels or Errorists, and one of them is Nilin, the main character in Remember Me.

She is a memory-hunter capable to steal and remix memories in order to alter the events that occur in the future.


Remember Me is a linear action-adventure video game, which takes players to various locations from Neo-Paris.

Players control Nilin from a third-person perspective, implemented to help them during their explorations, or while fighting enemies.

The combat system is based on Nilin’s fighting techniques that can be fully customized by players. To learn new moves, Nilin must earn experience points and level up.

Experience points are awarded for defeating enemies, using as many chained combos as possible. The video game is divided in nine episodes, the first episode being the prologue.

Remember Me also includes a large number of collectibles, that should be found by those who wish to unlock additional achievements and trophies.

The collectables available in Remember Me are divided in four major categories.

Sat Patches

The Sat Patches featured in Remember Me allow players to increase Nilin’s health bar and improve her resistance in combat. To add one cell to the health bar, players must locate and retrieve five Sat Patches.

For collecting all Sat Patches, players also unlock an achievement/trophy called Gotta patch them all!

Focus Boosts

A Focus Boost is similar to a SAT Patch, meaning that it allows player to increase Nilin’s Focus Bar.

Five Focus Boosts add one cell to the Focus Bar that empties when players trigger Nilin’s special moves.

Mnesist Memories

The hidden Mnesist Memories hidden in Remember Me can be found in order to unlock It’s all in the details trophy/achievement, as well as the game’s artwork images.

Their sole purpose is to offer additional information on Neo-Paris and the characters Nilin meets during her adventure.


A Scaramech is a parasite that feeds on ambient memory transfers, and Nilin can destroy it to earn additional experience points. Some of the hidden Scaramechs are quite hard to find, especially because they are very small and they are hidden in places that cen be easily overlooked.

To locate them players must pay close attention to the distinctive sounds they made when Nilin gets close. Remember Me includes 55 hidden Scaramechs that must be collected for the Pest Control achievement/trophy.


The following Remember Me walkthrough was created for those who encounter difficulties in beating the video game published by Capcom.

The walkthrough was divided in parts based on the chapters players have to complete. Each part of the walkthrough features a complete text guide players can follow.

The text walkthrough offers multiple tips and hints to beat Nilin’s enemies faster, as well as all bosses. Furthermore, the text guide reveals the locations of all Remember Me collectibles, the solutions to all puzzles you have to solve, and the codes required to open certain areas. Our walkthrough starts with Episode 0: Rebirth/Reboot.

Remember Me Walkthrough
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