Remember Me Walkthrough

Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 7: Paradise Lost

Episode 7: Paradise Lost is the seventh Remember Me chapter (without counting Episode 0 which serves as a prologue), and the following Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 7: Paradise Lost is the eighth part in our complete strategy guide for the video game published by Capcom.

Remember Me Episode 7: Paradise Lost features the final sets of SAT Patches, Mnesist Memories and Focus Boosts available for you to collect, as well as eleven hidden Scaramechs.

At the end of Episode 7, assuming that you have followed our walkthrough up to this point, you will be able to unlock the corresponding video game achievements and trophies.

Furthermore, after you collect all Remember Me Scaramechs in Episode 7, the counter should inform you that you have found 53 parasites out of 55.

The last 2 hidden Scaramechs can be found while playing the last episode of the video-game.

The text guide features multiple hints and useful information that will guide you through the level allowing you to find all Remember Me collectibles.


Sat Patches: 4

Focus Boosts: 2

Mnesist Memories: 5

Scaramechs: 11


The action in Episode 7 takes place in Mnemopolis, where Olga brings Nilin during the first cutscene.

In Mnemopolis, you must find the central security post, and then deal with Charles Cartier Wells, Scylla’s husband and Nilin’s father.

As you approach the balcony, you will trigger a cutscene showing Captain Trace, but you don’t have to worry because you won’t fight him. After the cutscene, Trace will send several guards and mechs to kill Nilin. Engage them and remember to use healing combos when you attack Elite Enforcers.

You should also try to convert the mechs into friendly units to fight for you. After you successfully deal with the forces sent by Trace, approach the button near the balcony and activate it.

You will eventually enter a new arena where a Zorn mech appears. You have to take him out in order to advance. Since this is not the first Zorn you encounter, you can use the same strategy as the one explained in the previous parts of the walkthrough.

Use the Spammer to damage Zorn’s arms, then the Bolt to overload the mech. Terminate it and you will be able to advance deeper into the facility.

Scaramech 1/11

After you defeat the Zorn mech, look around for a button you can activate to reveal a ladder. Push the button and climb the ladder.

When you reach the top,  look to the left, and you will see the Scaramech near a red door, on the next floor. Shoot the parasite, and then advance. When you enter the next corridor you will see a screen on the right side, indicating that a Sat Patch is nearby.

SAT Patch 1/4

Follow the stairs down, and when you reach the ground floor, turn left and look under the said stairs to find the first Sat Patch collectable. Now, continue to follow the corridor and go through the next door, and you will access the storage room.

Follow the stairs up and activate the button on the left side to call a cart. Get inside and start the cart. Make sure you stop it in front of the next platform by pushing the same button (B on Xbox 360). On the next balcony, jump on the two ledges and go down the pipe.

Scaramech 2/11

After you reach the second floor in the storage room, cross the first balcony, jump on the second, and go to the other side. Look for the parasite behind the large crate, and shoot it down. Next get inside the cart near the said crate and shoot the button on the other side of the hangar to stop another moving cart. Jump on it and go right.

Jump on the ledge, then on the pipe, and descend to the third floor, where you will see a screen on the right side of the balcony.

SAT Patch 2/4

Activate the cart near the screen, and jump on it. Start the cart, but pay close attention to the wall on the right side, while facing the button. Stop the cart when you see the “Caution” warning poster, and jump on the ledge above. Go up, then left, and drop on the blue crate.

Turn around to see more crates. Look behind them to find the second Sat Patch. Next,  go back several steps and turn on the power using the control panel near the pillar.

After you activate it, you will power up the cart near the crates where you have found the collectible. Use the said cart to reach the other side of the room, and stop it in front of the gate.  Jump on the next ledge, then on the next cart, but don’t start it. Instead, cross the floor and look for a pipe on the right side. Head up, then left, and then hop onto the next balcony.

To the left you should see a cart. Get inside and drive it to the other side of the hangar, but make sure you stop the cart in front of the next gate. Turn left and you will see a door, which is the exit point. Notice that you will enter the O’Osmoze, and on the left side of the next corridor is a screen showing you the next Focus Boost.

Focus Boost 1/2

From the screen mentioned above, turn right and you should see a droid cleaning the floor. Behind it is a door that leads to an adjacent corridor. Go all the way to the other side and you will find a room.

Turn left when you will see the Focus Boost. Now, retrace your steps to the robot and continue to follow the main hall. When you open the next door, go right and you will encounter two Elite Enforcers.

Scaramech 3/11

After you defeat the enforcers, cross the corridor, moving towards the door they opened when they attacked you. Check the left side of the dead end, in the corner, near the ground.

Shoot the parasite, then return and open the first door on the right side of the main corridor.

Mnesist Memory 1/5

When you enter the next room, after you pick up the previous Scaramech, turn right and you will enter another chamber. In front of you is a droid cleaning the window. Next to it you will see a shelf and on it is the collectible.

Take the first Mnesist memory, and then look around for a power cell. Make sure you take it and exit the room before the door closes in front of you. With the battery in hand, return to the main hallway, and go right to power up the next door. Open it and then take the elevator.

Scaramech 4/11

After the elevator ride, you will enter the main hall and trigger a cutscene showing the Leapers fighting the guards. Go right, then turn left and then left again, paying close attention to the right side of the area.

The parasite is attached to a structure behind a broken window. Shoot it then take the stairs down. In the next area, kill the Leapers and the Skinner then open the door to behind you. It will take you to the Sans-Soucis Bar.

Scaramech 5/11

After you open the door to the Sans-Soucis Bar, follow the stairs down and on the right wall you can see a yellow vertical lamp. On it is the fifth Scaramech you have to collect. After you have found the parasite, you have to open the next door and trigger a cutscene showing Trace, telling you that he is “the trace that precedes you”.

Cross the corridor and open the next door to see a patrolling drone.

SAT Patch 3/4

After you encounter the first drone, while chasing Trace, turn left and go around it. At the end of the corridor is a room to the right.

Enter and check the right side for a table and on it, is the third Sat Patch. At this point you need one more Sat Patch to unlock the achievement/trophy.

Next, you have to go around the drone and continue down the corridor in front of you. Notice that at the end of it, you can see Trace near the bar. Don’t follow him.

Mnesist Memory 2/5 & Scaramech 6/11

Instead, turn left and you will reach a larger chamber. In the middle of the room,  you can notice several drones patrolling in circle.

When it is safe, go left and follow the stairs to the smaller floor of the club. While standing on top of the said stairs turn around and shoot the Scaramech on the statue in the central area.

Turn around again and on the right side of the same floor, you should see a table and on it the second Mnesist Memory. Now go back to the bar where Trace was standing several moments ago, and open the next door to trigger a new battle.

Scaramech 7/11

After you fight the guards in the room behind the bar where you saw Trace, open the door and on the next corridor you will see a poster showing Jax, the panda bear.

Turn right and look down to see the parasite attached to a door made of glass. Shoot the Scaramech, then follow the stairs up and open the door to the Main Security Post.

Scaramech 8/11

On the corridor behind the Main Security Post, turn left, avoid the drone, and look for a yellow bag (luggage), because on it is the eighth hidden Scaramech.

Go back around the drone and move slowly down the corridor. Open the door on the left side and enter the next room. Stop at the entrance to hear another Scaramech.

Scaramech 9/11

When you open the door specified above, immediately turn right and destroy the billboard. Behind it is the parasite. Shoot it down, then advance and you will trigger a cutscene showing Trace who is killed by Leapers.

Mnesist Memory 3/5

After Trace is killed by the Leapers, look for a ledge near the balcony and follow the yellow markers to get to the floor below you. While standing near Trace, look around and you will see two white vending machines.

Jump on them, then go up to find a hidden balcony and on it the third Mnesist Memory. Return to Trace and steal his memory, then activate the next door to enter the Harmony Mall.

Scaramech 10/11

When you enter the first corridor towards the Harmony Mall, go right and down the corridor, then return to see a Leaper that clears the way for you. Turn right again, then open the next door, and in front of you, on a bag, is the tenth Scaramech.

Shoot it, and then follow the corridor to trigger a boss fight.

Tip: During the next battle you have to defeat two powerful mutants. If you have reached this episode in the game, you already defeated Johnny Greenteeth.

On the mutants, you have to use the same strategy. Combine Nilin’s Sensen DOS and her Sensen Fury, and focus on the mutants. Use the Leapers they spawn to recharge the focus bar, to heal Nilin, and to reduce the cooldown times.

Terminate both mutants and the remaining Leapers to open a new door.

Focus Boost 2/2

After you defeat the mutants, when you unlock the next gate, you will see a battery on the wall in front of you (sprinkler). Take it, and head right, through the next door.

Turn left and you will see a screen. Continue through the door in front of you, and then go straight ahead to find a Fire Door made of glass. Open it using the power cell you carry, follow the corridor, and turn left to find the last Focus Boost in Remember Me. New achievement/trophy unlocked: You Focus.

Now, go back to the Fire Door, close it behind you, and use the power cell to activate the emergency ladder on the other side of the chamber.

Mnesist Memory 4/5

Climb the said ladder, then go left and on the next balcony, and in front of you is a door. Open it and on the right side you will see a damaged droid. In front of you is a white desk (corner of the corridor).

On it is the fourth Mnesist Memory. Take it and open the next door. When you enter the next hall you will see a drone patrolling around.

SAT Patch 4/4

Wait for the drone to pass, then go right and open the first door you see. Turn left, then right and you will see another door to your right. It leads to the toilets. Open it and check the second toilet cabin (the one in the middle) for the final Remember Me Sat Patch.

New achievement/trophy unlocked: Gotta patch them all! Now, exit the toilet, follow the hallway in front of you and open the next two doors. Wait for the drone to pass, and then go right and open the first door you see. It will lead you to the Security Post.

Inside you will have to solve another puzzle, but first, you have to find the remaining collectibles.

Mnesist Memory 5/5

As soon as you enter the Security Post, head left and check crates under the stairs. The collectible is very easy to locate,  and you can’t miss it. New achievement/trophy unlocked: It’s all in the details.

Now, return to the Remembrane but don’t activate it.

Scaramech 11/11

While standing in front of Trace’s Remembrane, follow the stairs on the right side of the large hall, and look up. Before turning right you will see a sustaining pillar, and on it is the last Scaramech in Episode 7.

At this point you should have 53 Scaramechs collected. Next, go back to the Remembrane and activate it. Follow Trace and synch the button on the structure in the middle of the room. Activate it to trigger a cutscene and the first puzzle.

Captain Trace’s First Puzzle Solution

After the cutscene if you activate another Remembrane you will hear Captain Trace quoting the following lines:

“May Memorize’s error fall As mankind hold its head up high And evolution’s end looks down upon all that has gone before Only then will the secret be unmasked.”

The puzzle is quite easy to solve.

The error in M3MORIZE is 3, therefore pull it down. T

he head letter in the word HOMINIS is H, so you have to push it up.

The last letter you have to push up, is at the end of the word EVOLUTIO.

After you push the letter O up, you will form the word H3O, which is the solution to the puzzle.

Now activate the Remembrane that appears near the three pillars and continue to follow Trace. Synch the next button, and you will have to complete another puzzle.

Captain Trace’s Second Puzzle Solution

During the second puzzle, if you activate the Remembrane, Trace will recite a new riddle:

“The life listens to her husband but abandons her child The husband admires his wife, but cannot listen to her anymore The child loves her protecting father, as she does the deserting mother.”

The child in this riddle is in fact Nilin, her mother being Scylla and her father Charles.

To complete the puzzle you have to rotate the statues in front of you, so the lines (on which you can see  some words) match Trace’s riddle.

In other words, start rotating the statue showing Nilin’s mother and make sure that the line with the word Listen on it, connects to Nilin’s father.

The other line with the word Abandon should point the child (Nilin).

Now, move the statue showing the little girl and make sure that both lines with the words Love point to her parents. The last step is to rotate the statue showing Nilin’s father (Charles).

Continue to rotate it until you trigger the cutscene in which you can see the Conception Cube.

Turn around and advance down the corridor behind you, to reach the Conception Cube, but stay alert because you will encounter several enemies that will ambush you.

When you reach the other side, Remember Me Episode 7 ends. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Towering infernoEpisode 8: Sins Of Our Fathers starts now.

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