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Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 6: Rotten Core

Remember Me Episode 6: Rotten Core is the seventh mission of the video game, and the following Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 6: Rotten Core is the seventh part in our complete videogame walkthrough, created for those who wish to beat the game faster.

Episode 6: Rotten Core includes 22 hidden collectibles, a series of puzzles, and a boss fight that you have to win in order to unlock the seventh chapter in the game.

The game guide below refers entirely to the sixth chapter in the video game, and provides useful information that can help you locate all Scaramechs, Mnesist Memories, SAT Patches and Focus Boosts.

It also includes information on the puzzles you have to solve and hints on how to defeat the enemies you encounter.


Sat Patches: 3

Focus Boosts: 2

Mnesist Memories: 5

Scaramechs: 12


Episode 6 begins in the basements of La Bastille.

When you enter the first tunnel, Edge will call you. Stop and wait for the conversation to end, then you will find the first collectible.

Scaramech 1/12

After you talk to Edge, head down the tunnel and jump on the next ledge. Turn right and observe the burning area on the left side. Go around it by climbing on the ledge nearby and turn left again. You should see the Scaramech behind a generator.

Take it then return to the main tunnel and advance. You should also receive the first objective.

Objective: Get in the elevator

Move the door panels to access the next room and you will see the elevator in front of you. Unfortunately, while you wait for the elevator to arrive, you will be attacked by Leapers

Tip: Don’t try to kill the Leapers. Instead wait for the elevator to arrive, because it will also activate the lights, making the Leapers vulnerable. Now, deal with them and take the elevator down.

Once you exit the elevator a new objective should appear on your screen.

Objective: Find Bad Request’s Pick-Socket

Head down the corridor and the stair,s and you should see two panels. Lower the second one then jump up, to reach the second floor, where you will see a rack you can move.

Focus Boost 1/3

While standing near the rack, move the lockers but make sure you open Nilin’s locker first, to get the collectible. Nilin’s locker can be found after the locker that belongs to Bad Request, but if you take the Pick-Socket first, you will start a tutorial and miss the collectable.

So, after you get the Focus Boost, move the lockers again and take the Pick Socket, which allows you to open the locked doors from distance. Now, use the Pick-Locker to open the next door, and look to the right.

Scaramech 2/12

After you open the first door using the Pick-Locker you will reach a new corridor and to the right is a small chamber. Inside, on the right wall near the door is the Scaramech. Pick it up, then exit and close the door.

Head down the corridor and open the door on the right side, while standing behind the window. Now, go through that door and look around to see several offices and some robots.

Mnesist Memory 1/5

Go right, around the large desk, and turn right again to find a hidden corridor. At the end of the corridor you can find the first Mnesist Memory on some boxes.

Retrace your steps to the main chamber, and open the next door using the Pick-Locker while standing behind the window nearby. When you go through the door, you should see a screen indicating that another Sat Patch is nearby.

SAT Patch 1/3

While standing near the monitor, close the door behind you, and turn left. Go downstairs to see a door you can open. Inside the room behind the door is the Sat Patch .

Take it, exit the room and close the door. Return to the area where you have found the monitor, and go down the next hall.

Tip: Remember that you always have to close the doors you open using the Pick-Locker, otherwise you will not be able to progress.

After you open the door where Nilin is scanned you will reach the area where Bad Request is being held captive. Use the ladder to reach the second floor and approach his cell.

Watch the cutscene and when the drone appears, jump down and get ready to fight several enemies. Use the same strategies as those we have presented in the previous parts of our walkthrough and you will successfully defeat your enemies. After you clear the area; however, you will have to find several collectibles, before starting to chase Bad Request’s cell.

Mnesist Memory 2/5

First, grab the power cell near the ladder you have used to reach the second floor, and power-up the door made of glass near the same ladder. Go to the other side and close the door, and then follow the corridor that will lead you to a room.

Check the desk for the collectible, then retrace your steps back to the ladder but don’t go up.

Scaramech 3/12

Instead, cross the chamber and you should see that you can enter the Trauma Room. Don’t forget to close the door behind you, and then enter the elevator to reach the second floor. After the elevator ride, go right, pick up the power cell (the elevator will return to the first floor) and look for a cell you can open using the battery in your hand.

Open the said cell and look above the door for a Scaramech. Next, exit the cell, close the door, and vault over the balcony.

Scaramech 4/12

Head back to the elevator you have used earlier (don’t forget to close its doors) and use the other exit to reach another wing of the prison (where Bad Request’s cell was located). Before you activate the door, check the dead end in front of you, and look up.

Near the ceiling, on a pillar, is the fourth collectible. Now, open Bad Request’s cell and jump on the other side to grab a ledge.

SAT Patch 2/3

After you grab the ledge, head left and once you climb up you will see a door that closes right in front of you. Look down and to the right to see some wires you can destroy.

Jump down, and turn around to find a secret passage that will lead you to the second Sat Patch. After you take it, destroy the wires and go up, following the yellow markers.

Scaramech 5/12

After you move the second cell (the one that you have to lower) jump on the platform that appears in front of you, and turn around to see a button you can corrupt. Use the Spammer and you will open a door. Jump inside the tunnel and go right. When you reach its end, look up to see the fifth Scaramech. Shoot it, return to the platform, jump towards the next area, and stop.

Scaramech 6/12

After you jump from the platform mentioned above, don’t follow the markers. Head right around the pillar and look up to see another Scaramech attached to it.

Now, continue to follow the markers and move the cells around to get close to Bad Request. Watch the cutscene and extract his memory. After you take Bad Request’s memory you will enter a new area of the compound and you will receive another objective.

Objective: Find Doctor Quaid

Follow the corridor to the left and activate the first Remembrane. Wait for the events to unfold and then take the power cell.

Scaramech 7/12

While facing Dr. Quaid turn right and head down the corridor in front of you to locate a white cell you can open. Use the battery to activate the door and look above the entrance. Close the cell’s door, and return to the laboratory where Quaid was experimenting on Bad Request. Activate the medical chair and follow it through the next gate. A

fter you pass the first security gate, activate another Remembrane and follow the stairs to the second floor. On the second floor, turn right down the corridor and you will encounter some enemies.

Take them out quickly and then activate another Remembrane. Follow Quaid and take the battery after you synchronize the Remembrane.

Focus Boost 2/3

While standing near the window where you retrieve the battery, turn right and locate the door on the right side of the hall (the opposite side).

Open it to find the Focus Boost, and don’t forget to close the door when you exit the room. Now go back to the stairs and on the right side, you can see the button that activates another chair. Follow it to the first floor.

Scaramech 8/12

Immediately after you open the second security gate, using the medical chair, turn around and look up. The Scaramech is above the gate. Once you retrieve it, follow the stairs down to the third floor where you will be attacked by several guards.

Scaramech 9/12

After you deal with the guards, turn left and go down the corridor. Turn right and you should see a cleaning drone. Attached to it is the ninth Scaramech. Shoot the parasite, and retrace your steps to activate another Remembrane.

After you activate the said Remembrane, start running back to the other side of the hall (where you have found the Scaramech). Eventually, you will find a room and you can see a robot cleaning a window. While standing behind the window, wait for Quaid to appear and sync the Remembrane to get another battery. Now, go all the way back and activate another chair that will help you get pass another security gate.

Mnesist Memory 3/5

After you activate the security gate you will be on a corridor with the floor painted in red. Move slowly and look for a white desk on the left side to find the collectable. Get the Mnesist Memory and open the next door.

Mnesist Memory 4/5

When you enter the corridor where Nilin has a series of visions, head straight ahead and check her cell. On the desk to the left is the fourth Mnesist memory.

Take the collectable, close her cell and move forward paying attention to a large door on the left side. Open it using the battery and in front of you, you should see Quaid. Stop at the entrance.

Sat Patch 3/3

While standing at the entrance of the room where you can see Dr. Quaid, turn right and look up for a button you can activate to open the door to a smaller laboratory.

Cross the room and check the chair to locate the last SAT Patch. Now go back and approach Quaid to trigger a cutscene in which you can also see Johnny Greenteeth. After the cutscene, kill all guards and remain in the area.

Scaramech 10/12

Once you have defeated all guards protecting Quaid, approach the large device where the doctor was located when you entered his laboratory, and shoot down the Scaramech on the left side of the device. Next, open the door on the left side of the laboratory and cross the first corridor.

Scaramech 11/12

When you enter the second hallway, to the left is the Zorn that followed you during Episode 0. Shoot down the mech and then look for the Scaramech on the Zorn’s back.

Shoot the parasite and open the door to the third hallway.

Scaramech 12/12

When you reach the third corridor, advance slowly, and pay attention to the right side for a blue drone standing near the ventilation system. Inside is the last Scaramech.

After you get the final parasite open a new door and get ready to fight a large number of enemies. Once you have defeated them, a new cutscene starts and you end up in a tunnel. Go down to find Bad Request, but don’t approach him because you have one missing collectible.

Mnesist Memory 5/5

While facing Bad Request, turn around and activate the yellow button that allows you to enter a tunnel. Go all the way to the other side, and look under the large fan. Now return to Bad Request to trigger the final boss fight.

Johnny Greenteeth Boss Fight

Johnny Greenteeth is probably the easiest boss in Remember Me, and you can defeat it quickly if you use the proper abilities. As you can see, Johnny constantly spawns Leapers.

Use them to recharge your focus bar and attack the boss only when you have at least 2 cells filled, because you need to activate two abilities at the same time. First activate the Sensen DOS, then the Sensen Fury.

Don’t waste your moves on the Leapers. Instead, keep hitting Johnny.

Terminate him by completing the quick-time event, then watch the cutscene and leave the facility using the capsule near Bad Request. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Mind Craft. Next episode is Episode 7: Paradise Lost.

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