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Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 4: Panoptic Icon

The following Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 4: Panoptic Icon, is the fifth part in our complete walkthrough for Remember Me, the video game, and it refers strictly to the fourth episode you must complete in order to beat the video game.

Our Remember Me Episode 4: Panoptic Icon walkthrough is a text guide containing hints and tips that can help you find all Remember Me collectibles, as well as useful information on how to beat the most powerful opponents Nilin encounters.

While using the following walkthrough it is important to remember that all Remember Me collectibles listed below must be located and retrieved in the same order as the one presented in our game guide.

Furthermore, since Episode 4: Panoptic Icon includes a large number of collectables, and it is an extended mission, we assume that by now you already know how to use Nilin’s Skills, how to heal her and how to recharge her Focus Bar while fighting her enemies; therefore we won’t focus on explaining these features.


Sat Patches: 1

Focus Boosts: 4

Mnesist Memories: 6

Scaramechs: 10


The events in Panoptic Icon, take place in La Bastille Prison, which was accessed through the sewers at the end of Episode 3.

Edge sends Nilin back to La Bastille, where she must find and terminate Madame, the final boss in Episode 4.

Objective: Find Madame

At the beginning of the mission you don’t have too many choices. Follow the main tunnel while talking to Edge and at the end of the said tunnel you will encounter a drone.

Make sure you stay away from it or you will die. In this area you will also find the first collectible.

Focus Boost 1/4

When you encounter the first drone, you should know that the collectible is behind it, at the end of a corridor on the right side of the main tunnel.

Pay close attention to the path the drone follows, and when the drone is at a safe distance, head to the first room on the right side of the tunnel. Let the drone pass, then exit back to the main tunnel and head right. Turn right again and you will reach the corridor with the collectible.

It is in the corner, on the ground. Now, turn around, wait for the drone to pass and cross the main corridor. Jump on the wall and you will enter a larger area where several Leapers will attack you.

Tip: As soon as you land, activate the Turbine and keep the light turned on, because some enemies are invisible. Use the Sensen DOS when the light turns off, and after you kill all Leapers remain in the same area.

Mnesist Memory 1/6

Place Nilin in front of the button, and turn left, to see a wall with number 08 on it. Approach the wall and climb it, then head right, following the ledge.

At the end of the ledge, go up to locate a hidden corridor, and the first Mnesist Memory. Now, head back and climb the wall on the right side of the button you have used to activate the light, during the first fight.

After you reach the top of the room, grab the Detection Module and go through the door on the right side of the corridor. Continue down the corridor and stay away from the next drone.

Tip: Look for safe spots down the corridor, spots that can’t be scanned by the drone. One of these spots is located at the end of the hall, to the left.

Now, as you continue to advance you will find a screen indicating the location of a Sat Patch. It should be on your left. If you look ahead, you should see several drones patrolling in circle.

SAT Patch 1/1

Let one of the drones pass, and head right. Stay behind it and look for the Sat Patch on the right side, in the corner of the room. It is on the ground, at the end of a smaller tunnel.

In fact it is a dead end. After you get the previous collectible, turn around and let another drone pass. Stay behind it and move forward. Climb the wall in front of you. Continue to follow the yellow markers and go up. Push the button to activate the cell, and enter it, to reach a new area.

Scaramech 1/10

When you exit the cell, turn left and move towards the drone you see in front of you. Maintain a safe distance and look up. On the wall behind it, is the first Scaramech in Episode 4.

Shoot the Scaramech then retrace your steps, back to the cell, and go right.

Tip: As you can see, inside the prison, Nilin can enter some cells. Use them to avoid the drones that patrol around and continue to advance until you reach the only door that allows you to exit the prison; however, don’t open it because you will miss two collectibles.

Mnesist Memory 2/6

While standing in front of the said door, turn left and notice that the corridor in front of you is longer than the one you have crossed.

Use the same strategy you have used before to avoid the drones, and at the end of the corridor, on the right side, just in front of the last drone, is an empty cell. Inside, on the bed is another Mnesist Memory. Take it then return to the door mentioned earlier but don’t’ leave the area.

Scaramech 2/10

While facing the same door, turn around and approach the balcony. Move several steps to the left and look down to see a Scaramech attached to a pillar. Now, head back to the door marked: Jail Staff Only, and open it.

Scaramech 3/10

Immediately after you cross the door mentioned above, head forward and you will reach a dead end, but up on the ceiling you will find another Scaramech.

Take it and follow the main corridor down the ramp. Eventually you will encounter another drone.

Scaramech 4/10

While trying to get around the drone on the main corridor, when you take the left turn, look up and to the right. On the wall is a Scaramech you can clearly hear.

Make sure that after you shoot it down, you find a safe spot, on the same corridor, without going down to the next level. On the left side of the same hall you should see another drone. You have to go around it to get the next collectable.

Focus Boost 1/5

Place Nilin in the corner of the corridor, and make sure you don’t step too close to the drone. Let the robot approach, and then quickly go around it. Advance down the corridor, turn right and get the Focus Boost.

Now retrace your steps, and go down the ramp to the next floors, where you will trigger a cutscene showing Quaid and Sgt. Vaughan. Next, follow Sgt. Vaughan inside the bathroom and deal with him and his soldiers. Make sure you retrieve his memory, and then go back to the corridor.

After you steal Vaughan’s memory, activate the first Remembrane to open the next door, and follow the tunnel, which leads you to another room, where a shielded guard will grab you.

It is a Heavy Enforcer, so make sure you use the Junk Bolt to destroy his shield, and then take him out.

Mnesist Memory 3/6

After you kill the Enforcer, open the door to the Enforcer Outfit Storage Room (the one on the right side of the chamber). Inside, turn right to see the third Mnesist on a table.

Take it then open the door on the left side. Advance down the next corridor and enter the Enforcer Training Room where you will encounter more guards. After the first wave you will also unlock a new ability, called Logic Bomb.

Tip: Don’t waste Nilin’s Focus using the Logic Bomb on one enemy. Trigger the ability only when you have to defeat groups of five or more opponents.

Scaramech 5/10

After you get the Logic Bomb ability, exit the Enforcer Training Room through the next door, but make sure that as soon as you go through the said door, you turn left and look on the wall. As you continue to cross more corridors you will eventually reach another floor of the prison, where you can see Madame.

During the cutscene you will notice that Madame activates a large device, placed in the middle of the area, and known as the Brain Drainer.

Scaramech 6&7/10

Both Scaramechs are extremely easy to miss, because they are attached to the device activated by Madame. After the cutscene showing her activating the Brain Drainer, place Nilin behind the first pillar you see, and let the Brain Drainer rotate.

One of the Scaramechs is located on top of the device, while the other one is on the opposite side, but lower than the first one. Don’t leave the area without them. Once you have collected the Scaramechs on the Brain Drainer, move from one pillar to another and activate the Remembrane inside the cell on the right side of the floor. Next, push the button to leave the prison.

Focus Boost 2/5

After you exit the second cell, in the next area you should see another drone, on the left side while facing the said cell. Behind it, is another Focus Boost, in the left corner of the dead end.

Use the safe spot on the right corner to avoid the drone. As you continue to advance, you will eventually enter another arena where you will encounter several flying mechs and even more soldiers.

Tip: Take the flying mechs down first, and then deal with the soldiers.

Scaramech 8/10

After you kill the flying robots and deactivate the force fields that block your progress, follow the first set of stairs and look to on the left wall, behind a corner, for the Scaramech; then go right and follow the next set of stairs, and the next door to find a screen that shows another collectible.

Focus Boost 3/5

When you find the screen mentioned earlier, you should see two blue legs on the pictures it displays. Turn around and behind you is a blue cleaning droid. Check the area behind the robot for some crates and the Focus Boost.

Now, go through the next gate and find Interrogation Room 06 (left side of the corridor). After the cutscene, steal Madame’s memory and go through the door on the left side. At this point, in front of you are two doors.

Mnesist Memory 4/6

After you steal Madame’s Memory open the door that leads to the Storage Room to locate the fourth Mnesist Memory on a table to the right, then go back and exit the courtyard. After you cross the courtyard, follow the next corridor and you will exit to the main courtyard.

Here you will encounter more enemies and some smaller mechs.

Tip: Shoot the mechs with your Bolt when they drop their shields and stay away from the red areas on the ground, or they will jump on you. When you learn the Rust In Pieces ability, use it on the mechs that spawn nearby and they will help you defeat the remaining soldiers.

Mnesist Memory 5/6

Once you clear the courtyard, enter the tower and turn right, even if your next waypoint is to the left. Go down the corridor and at the end of it, check the crates on the left side for the fifth Mnesist collectible.

Next, retrace your steps back to the door and activate Madame’s Remembrane. Follow Madame down the corridor, turn left, and go upstairs. Make sure that when you reach the top of the stairs you stop.

Scaramech 9&10/10

When you are on top of the said stairs, you will find another Remembrane. Before activating it, look around and you can see that the corridor divides in two.

First check the right side and you will enter a room. Look up and to the left, behind the door to find the Scaramech. Now, check the room on the other side, and you will find the last Scaramech in the same position. Next, follow Madame and take out the soldiers in the next area to reach her tower.

Continue to follow the only path available to begin the battle against Madame.

Mnesist Memory 6/6

After you defeat Madame, and you return to her room, steal her memory, and then you will get the Force Spammer. Check all pillars containing the servers, because behind one of them is the final Mnesist Memory and collectible in Episode 4.

Now, using the Force Spammer, move the server following the yellow line on the ceiling. Use the same Force Spammer to lower the platform and create another rail, and drag the server to the third decryption station.

Once you solve the puzzle, the episode ends. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Murder incorporatedEpisode 5: Headshot is the next part included in our walkthrough.

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