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Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit

Remember Me Episode 3, called High Tension/Deep Exit, takes Nilin to the sewers of La Bastille, a former prison and the location where she must find Johnny Greenteeth.

Remember Me Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit begins in the Heights of Slum 404, with a conversation between Nilin and Edge.

Edge asks Nilin to return to Tommy’s bar, because he can help her enter the sewers leading to La Bastille.

The Remember Me walkthrough for Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit below, is a text walkthrough for the third mission of the video game, and the fourth part in our complete Remember Me guide.

As all previous walkthroughs, it includes useful information that can be used to beat Episode 3 faster, as well as the boss you will encounter.

An important aspect that must be mentioned is that Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit is the first video game mission to include the hidden Scaramechs.

Following the walkthrough below, is mandatory if you wish to find all of them; thus, helping Nilin to level up faster.


Sat Patches: 5

Focus Boosts: 2

Mnesist Memories: 6

Scaramechs: 10


After you start the mission there isn’t much you can do. Pay close attention to the information you receive from Edge, and then head down the alleys until you enter the market.

Objective: Return to the Leaking Brain

Once you have reached the market head left and you will locate a door you can unlock using the Spammer. Stop in front of it because a collectible can be found nearby.

SAT Patch 1/5

When you find the closed gate on which you have to use the Spammer, turn right and go down the alley in front of you. When you reach the other side, turn left to find the first Sat Patch.

At this point, Nilin’s health bar increases by one chunk. Get the Sat Patch and return to the closed gate. Open it using the Spammer, and follow the alley.

Scaramech 1/10

At the end of the alley behind the closed gate, a short tutorial containing additional information about the hidden Scaramechs should appear. In front of you, is one of the small glowing parasites, on a window. Shoot it down and turn right down the alley.

Tip: Keep in mind that even if the hidden Scaramechs make a distinctive sound when you are near, some of them are extremely well hidden.

Because of this, it is important to follow each step included in our walkthrough if you wish to find all 55 Scaramechs. A good idea at this point, is to turn off the music that might cover the sounds made by the Scaramechs.

Continue to follow the stairs paying close attention to the environment. Eventually, you will see a small flying robot in front of you, and you should stop.

Mnesist Memory 1/6

At the bottom of the stairs where you can see the flying drone/robot, turn right and you can see a shop. Approach the closed gate and pick up the collectible.

SAT Patch 2/5

Now move forward down the alley until you find a screen that indicates that a Sat Patch is nearby. Descend the stairs on your left side, and when you reach the bottom, turn right and check the area behind the columns.

After you pick up the previous collectable, take out the Leapers nearby, using Nilin’s Sensen Fury, and then unlock the next gate. After you open the gate, push forward and activate the button when you reach the electricity cables that touch the water.

Go through the store on the right side of the alley, and continue to advance, but pay close attention to the environment.

Scaramech 2/10

The second Scaramech in Episode 3 is easy to miss. After you cross through the store, go down the alley and take several turns. Eventually, you will reach more stairs you have to descend and on the left side you should see a billboard showing a redhead lady.

Instead of following the stairs, go left and while standing under the billboard, turn right and you should see a button that can be activated. It’s on a building on the other side of the alley and it will open a window. Behind it is the collectible. Shoot it down then follow the stairs towards the next area where you will have to defeat some Prowlers, Leapers and a Skinner.

Once you have defeated your opponents, check the area for a screen indicating that a Sat Patch is nearby.Now, look for a button that allows you to activate two shutters. Jump on the first one, then on the second one, and then go left. Jump on the crate and then on the billboard.

Next, vault over the billboard and then grab the pipe nearby. Go up and continue to advance towards the next ledge, but don’t drop on the balcony below you.

Scaramech 3/10

While standing on the ledge mentioned earlier instead of going down, move left and jump on the building behind Nilin. Continue to go around the building, and down the next pipe.

Now you should move slowly and hear the sound made by the Scaramech. The collectible is located around the corner, where you should see a button. Activate it and it will open a new window. Shoot the collectible but remain on the same roof.

SAT Patch 3/5

While standing on the roof where you have found the Scaramech, if you head to the other side you will find a smaller room and inside it the third Sat Patch.

Pick up the collectible, and then return to the balcony you avoided earlier. Continue to advance and eventually you will see a billboard showing  Jax, the Panda Bear.

Mnesist Memory 2/6

After you jump on the billboard showing Jax, jump again on the next building, and turn left. On the table located in the left corner of the alley is the second Mnesist Memory. Jump on the next two roofs and you will encounter more Leapers and a Skinner.

After you defeat them, climb the ladder nearby and go left until you see another monitor showing the location of a Focus Boost.

Focus Boost 1/2

While standing near the said monitor, turn around and descend the ladder. Check the garbage for the first Focus Boost, then climb the ladder and continue to follow the yellow markers that will lead you to a door, on the left side of the next tunnel.

Scaramech 4/10

After you open the door mentioned above, look up to the other side of the tunnel for the fourth Scaramech. It can’t be missed because it is very close to you.

Now, go right and you should receive a phone call from Tommy.

Mnesist Memory 3/6

After you talk to Tommy, cross the next roof, and you will have to descend several stairs. Make sure you check the left side, under the stairs (notice the red light), for another Mnesist collectible. After you pick up the third Mnesist Memory, continue to advance and activate the crane that blocks your way.

Scaramech 5/10

Once you jump on the platform behind the crane, take the next right turn and you will have to activate a larger shutter. Wait for it to open and look up, because the Scaramech is attached to it.

Shoot down the collectable and jump on the platform behind the shutter. At this point all you have to do is to continue to advance following the only path available and turning on the lights you see on the ground. Eventually you will reach an open area where more Leapers will spawn.

Tip: To defeat the invisible Leapers, make sure that the light nearby is always turned on. Shoot the button with the Spammer and remain in the area where you can see the Leapers, otherwise you won’t be able to kill them.

Once all invisible Leapers have been defeated open the next gate and keep following the yellow markers until you will fall through a window. Notice that Nilin is hurt.

After you reach the next area, open the next door and you should see that you will enter a corridor with a button on the left side.

Mnesist Memory 4/6

Next to the said door is a bar, on the right side. Approach the table behind the grate to find the collectible, then activate the button and mount the green beam. Jump down and more invisible Leapers will spawn; however they are more powerful than those you encountered earlier. Fortunately, you will also unlock the Sensen DOS ability.

Tip: The Sensen DOS ability allows you to stun enemies for a short amount of time, including the invisible Leapers. To survive the battle, make sure you use the Sensen DOS along with the Sensen Fury.

First, stun the Leapers then hit them with your Sensen Fury.

After you defeat the Leapers, activate the moving platform and use the green beam on the wall to ascend. While standing on the platform activate the buttons on the other wall, and you will have to solve a small puzzle.

All you have to do, is to create a path using the green beams, then you can jump down and ascend those beams.

Scaramech 6/10

After you activated the beams, push forward through the large fan and escalade the walls. When you reach the second fan, stop in front of it, and turn around to see a hidden Scaramech attached to a wall on the left side.

Shoot the collectible, then stop the turbine and continue to advance until you find another monitor showing the location of a Sat Patch.

SAT Patch 4/5

While standing near the monitor go left around the corner and grab the ledge above your head. Go up an you will find the hidden Sat Patch. Now, go back down and activate the delivery drone to reach Tommy’s Bar.

Make sure you assist Tommy in fighting the Leapers and he will unlock the Junk Bolt for you. The Junk Bolt allows you to destroy damaged structures, and you have to use it to close the gates before the Leapers overwhelm you. Once you have stopped the Leapers you will enter the sewers of La Bastille.

Objective: Find Johnny Greenteeth

Inside the sewers there isn’t much to do, and there is only one path to follow, so you can’t get lost; however there are two collectibles that must be retrieved while crossing the area.

Scaramech 7/10

The first collectible is a Scaramech very well hidden. It is in the area behind one of the grates, on your left side, while heading towards the exit; but to get it you must activate a platform also located in an inaccessible area. Therefore the fastest way to locate it is to check all grates until you find the one with a platform behind it.

The platform can be activated from distance. Once you find it, activate it, then retrace your steps and check the second grate on the right side while moving towards the starting point.

Focus Boost 2/2

The second collectible is easier to find. After you locate the monitor on the left side of the main tunnel, move straight ahead, and turn right two times. It is on the ground near a pile of garbage and some robots. After you get all collectibles, just exit the sewers and enter the train to find Johnny Greenteeth.

During the train ride, you have to make sure that you take out the Leapers first, and keep the doors closed all the time. Johnny will try to open them. When it does, use Nilin’s Bolt to shut them down. Next steal Johnny’s memory and you will find yourself inside a tunnel.

Scaramech 8/10

Head towards the other side of the tunnel and to your left you will find a closed door. Before you open the door, look up and to the right for a Scaramech attached to a panel with red and black stripes.

Mnesist Memory 5/6

After you find the eighth Scaramech, open the door and turn right. Edge will eventually contact you, so advance slowly and check the dead end on the other side of the tunnel.

Near a yellow robot, is a grate and in front of it the fifth Mnesist Memory. Pick up the Mnesist Memory and follow the path until you will enter another train cart, similar to a ramp.

Scaramech 9/10

When you exit the train cart, you will eventually encounter a small step you have to climb. Turn right around the corner to locate the ninth Scaramech behind a damaged window.

Assuming that you have managed to exit the subway, defeat the Leapers and the Skinner you encounter outside, and you will be several steps away from finishing the mission; however, you have three more collectibles you must find before reaching the final boss.

Mnesist Memory 6/6

The last Mnesist Memory is in the second area where you have to follow Johnny’s Remembrane to avoid the mines. The collectable is on the right side of the mine field, and it is actually hidden between the mines, on the ground.

SAT Patch 5/5

The last Sat Patch in Mission 3, is located near the monitor you find after you cross the second mine field. Climb the ladder near the monitor, but instead of going right, as the yellow arrows point, go left and you will reach a secret area.

Scaramech 10/10

After you pick up the fifth Sat Patch, follow the yellow markers and you should reach a smaller roof. Notice that your objective changes and you will be asked to find the entrance to La Bastille.

Edge will also talk to you. While standing on the roof, look up and you will see the Scaramech. Next, continue to follow the yellow arrows and Johnny.

Deactivate the mines and approach the marked spot on the ground to begin the final battle in the episode.

Zorn Boss Battle

The battle against the large mech known as Zorn it’s easier than you think. All you have to do is to maintain a safe distance, and continuously shoot the robot’s arms until you break them. Make sure you use the Spammer and don’t let the robot regenerate its arms.

After Zorn’s arms are destroyed the boss will start shooting a yellow beam. Move around and use the Bolt to stun it. Approach the boss quickly and take it out by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Tip: If the boss gets too close to you, use Nilin’s Sensen DOS to stun it. Don’t try to use normal attacks because it will kill you.

To complete the episode, approach the hole on the ground and watch the final cutscene. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Jail Break-inEpisode 4: Panoptic Icon is the next part in the videogame.

Remember Me Walkthrough
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