Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Water Supplies

Water Supplies is the fourth mission in Red Faction: Armageddon, following Bastion Defenses.

The walkthrough below shows how to complete Water Supplies faster, explaining where to look for weapons, Upgrade Stations and Audio Logs.

Players who manage to finish Water Supplies will be able to play the next mission, called Infection.

The mission starts after Mason returns to Bastion, solving the problem regarding the settlement’s defenses. He is informed that the city has no water and he must find a way to obtain it.

Objective 1: Find the water pumps

When the mission starts, use the Weapon Locker on the right, to change your weapons.

Pick up the Salvage on the left, behind the building.

Check the house on the right, and you will find more ammunition and an Audio Log.

Advance through the tunnel, and you will find the Nano Rifle.

S.A.M informs you that the areas are filled with aliens. Be careful.

When you exit the tunnel, you will be attacked by a large number of Creepers. Take them out one by one, but make sure you save your ammunition. Explore the first floor, because there is an Audio Log, on the right.

Head down the ramps and proceed, but make sure you stay alert.

The water pumps are located on the ground floor, and they must be repaired. Do this only after you destroy the large pod hidden inside a chamber, on the ground floor.

Objective 2: Find the next pumping station

Follow the ramps back, and go right. Use your GPS if you can’t find the way.

Continue through the tunnel and you will reach an Upgrade Station and a Weapon Locker. Use them and explore the room on the left, and then return, and go downstairs.

Cross the bridge and take out the Ravagers and the pods, and then head down the ramps until you reach the water pumps.

Repair them and S.A.M will show you the way to the next objective.

Objective 3: Find the corporal

Head through the tunnel on the right and go deeper into the underground.

Continue through the tunnel, to the left. Additional Salvage can be found if you go right, but it’s a dead end.

When you exit the tunnel, go upstairs and you will see the Open Locker and the Upgrade Station on your right. On the ground, near these stations, is the Rocket Launcher.

On the right side, between two crates you will find another Audio Log. There are no enemies here, therefore take your time and destroy as many objects as you can to increase your amount of Salvage.

Continue downstairs and through the tunnel.

Destroy the infected building on the right when you reach the next area, and proceed forward, down the stairs.

A cutscene starts and a new alien type is introduced.

Use a heavy weapon to kill him faster, and then continue forward.

You will be asked to repair a generator. If you can’t find your way up the ramp, hold LB and the Nano Forge will offer additional light.

After you repair the generator, continue, following the path showed by your GPS. In the next area you will be attacked by more Ravagers and Creepers. Take them out and destroy their pods.

Proceed forward, but be careful because you will have to destroy several Monoliths and kill a large number of aliens. Don’t forget to pick up the Salvage.

Eventually you will find an Upgrade Station on your right. Purchase the upgrades you need and get ready to fight an army of aliens. Keep in mind that you can dodge and also repair the crates they damage. There are several Monoliths in the next area. Destroy them first!

Follow the stairs up and fight the Wraiths. You can kill them faster if you use your Shockwave, however, they must be near you.

Objective 4: Extend the bridge

Before using the control panel to extend the bridge, make sure you have enough ammunition in you weapons, because a vast number of Ravagers will attack you. You have to resist until the bridge is lowered.

Cross the bridge and follow the stairs up, until you see a red beacon, on your right. Creepers will attack, so make your stand near the beacon.

When the areas is cleared, cross the bridge and pick up the Salvage on your right.

Proceed forward.

When you go downstairs, and left you will reach an elevator, however S.A.M will inform you that the generator is not working. To repair it, you need to unlock a new ability, and you will be asked to find an Upgrade Station.

Follow the path indicated by your GPS until you see a large building. Inside is the Upgrade Station, as well as several aliens. Kill them and use the Upgrade Station, then return to the elevator. Stay alert because the path is blocked by Ravagers, Monoliths and Creepers.

Kill them all and repair the generator, following the instructions you receive from S.A.M. Use the elevator to access the next area.

A cutscene starts and you will find the corporal.

Objective 5: Get to the Purification Plant

S.A.M will show you the way, as usual. Just press Back.

Follow the stairs up and you will see an entrance to your left. If you go inside, you will have to fight against Wraiths, but here you will find an Audio Log and more Salvage. After you pick up everything, you can return and continue your exploration.

In the next area more Ravagers will attack you and there are two pods that spawn them. One can be observed in the left side of the hall, while the other is downstairs, on the ground floor. Destroy them to stop the aliens from spawning and continue up the stairs on the left.

Activate the GPS and follow the path until you reach an Upgrade Station and an Armor Locker, on the left side of a chamber.

Move forward and then go left and a cutscene starts, showing you the Purification Core. Get ready for a massive alien attack.

Remember to shoot in bursts, to save ammunition. Don’t stay in one place and dodge. If the aliens get near you, use your Shockwave ability.

Make sure you destroy the Power Core, and after the building is down clear the area.

Don’t leave the place until you pick up the Salvage. Explore the entire area and pick up the ammunition, and then go back to Bastion.

You will unlock the Things Fall Apart Achievement/Trophy for completing this mission.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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