Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – The Lair and The Queen

Players who manage to reach The Lair of The Queen in Red Faction: Armageddon will have to defeat the alien boss; and the game guide below explains how to do that.

This text walkthrough is a part included in the full Red Faction: Armageddon game guide created exclusively for the title developed by Volition, Inc.

The guide offers useful information for those players who want to find all Audio Logs and weapons included in the game.

Additionally, it reveals the strategy that must be used to defeat the final boss in the game, without restarting the mission.

Objective: Investigate the Heat Signature

You will lose your Walker in this mission, therefore be careful.

Advance through the tunnel, following your GPS.

You will reach two ledges. Jump.

Watch the cutscene.

Objective: Kill the tentacles

The large cavern you see in front of you holds three tentacles that must be destroyed.

This cavern is a complex of tunnels, therefore, if you want to find all tentacles, it is important to follow your GPS.

Additionally, you should know that there are a large number of pods which spawn aliens. Destroying them first and clearing each area after the pods are eliminated, is the key.

There are also several Upgrade Stations and Weapon Lockers in this cavern, but you must repair them first. Look around and you will see them.

If you use the rifle as your main weapon, make sure you fire in bursts to save ammunition.

You will also have to destroy several Monoliths and tentacles. Use a heavy weapon against these structures.

You can’t get lost here, as long as you follow your GPS.

After you destroy the last tentacle, you will be asked to find the heat signature, and S.A.M will show you the way.

Follow your GPS, until you see a large alien structure, on your right.

Go around it and follow the tunnel up. Be careful because you will encounter a large number of Creepers.

On your way, destroy the pods to stop the alien from spawning more units. There are also several tentacles, Ravagers and Creepers. Make sure you kill them all and pick up the ammo you find and the Salvage.

Eventually you will reach the top and a ledge. The alien structure is in front of you. Jump off the ledge and get ready for a fight.

On your left is a Monolith, up on a platform. Down on the floor there are two Behemoths, and the place is filled with aliens. Clear the area and don’t forget to dodge, if you want to avoid the incoming projectiles.

Look around for ammo and continue up, taking out every alien.

Eventually you will reach an entrance and on the right side is an Upgrade Station that must be repaired. Do it and purchase more upgrades, then proceed forward, if you are ready for a fight.

Watch the cutscene and meet the Alien Queen.

Objective: Kill the Queen – Boss Fight

The battle against the Alien Queen, can be hard, if you don’t pay attention to the info you receive from S.A.M

If you want to defeat this boss, you have to know her weak points, and these points can be observed on her body.

Look at the Queen and you will see that some parts of her body can generate a violet energy. These parts must be destroyed, if you want to defeat her, and the first part is located on her neck.

During the fight dodge all the time, because if she hits you, you will lose almost all your health (depending on the difficulty setting).

You also have to keep an eye on the walls, because a large number of Ravagers will appear.

Dodging and attacking the Queen’s weak organs is the key to kill her.

After she dies, watch the cutscene.

You will unlock the One Big, Ugly Motha… Achievement/Trophy for completing this mission.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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