Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Relay Station and Heavy Metal

The Relay Station and Heavy Metal walkthrough presented below is the seventh part in the full Red Faction: Armageddon Game Guide which reveals how to complete the third person shooter published by THQ and Syfy Games.

The video game guide, covers two missions: Relay Station and Heavy Metal.

This step-by-step walkthrough offers information regarding the objectives that must be completed by players, as well as details on where to look for the Audio Logs that must be collected in Red Faction: Armageddon.

The mission starts when Frank asks you to destroy several relay stations. The action takes place during a powerful storm.

You will have to plant a beacon on the spot marked on the ground.

Use the Weapon Locker on the left, if you want to change your weapon.

Cross the bridge in front of you.

Objective: Destroy the relay stations

There are five relay stations that must be destroyed, and all of them are marked on your screen.

Cross the bridge in front of you and kill the Cultists that will appear.

Destroy the relay station on your left, then check the tents for additional ammo and continue, to the right.

Cross the bridge and then go left and you will find the Rail Driver.

Proceed forward.

Make sure you investigate all tents and destroy as much structures as you can, if you want to increase the amount of Salvage points.

There are no special enemies in this mission, except for Cultists. Kill them all and destroy the relay stations.

A useful weapon that can be used against a relay station is the Plasma Beam. Try to cut the structure in two pieces and it will fall.

When you destroy all stations, you will unlock the Weather The Storm Achievement/Trophy and you can return to the base.

A cutscene will start and you will see that the Red Faction camp is attacked by Cultists.

Kara will appear and you have the chance to drive the Walker.

Objective: Destroy entrenched enemy

Using the powerful weapons of the Walker, kill all enemies in the area, then move south as you are instructed.

You will engage more Cultists and enemy Walkers.

Kill them all as well as the marked structures, and you will finish this mission without problems.

When you complete your objective, Darius and Kara will head to the temple to search for Hale.

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