Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Prologue

Red Faction: Armageddon Prologue walkthrough is the first part in the full step-by-step game guide created for Red Faction: Armageddon players who wish to beat the game faster.

The guide covers the objectives that must be completed in the introductory mission of the game, offering additional information regarding the game’s basics.

The walkthrough also reveals several weapons that can be found in Red Faction: Armageddon, and the exact location of each Audio Log.

Following our full Red Faction: Armageddon walkthrough will help players to finish the game and to find all Audio Logs.

The game starts after Mason’s transport vehicle is destroyed. S.A.M. will contact you and will check your status, asking you to performs a series of basic actions. You will also be informed that the Nano Forge was knocked down and the Terraformer is interfering with your communications.

Objective 1: Break the wall

On your D-Pad press Up to use the Maul.

Approach the wall in front of you and destroy it. Press LT or RT to destroy it.

Move forward.

Objective 2: Enter the Terraformer

Advance and you will reach the first checkpoint.

You will find and unlock the Plasma Cannon.

Jump on the cliff on your left and pick up the Salvage you find there.

More Salvage can be found on your right. Keep in mind that Salvage allows you to purchase upgrades.

Explore the area and S.A.M. will inform you that you must destroy the power sources to lower the shield of the Terraformer.

Objective 3: Destroy the Solar Towers

If you are lost, press Back and your next objective will be marked.

Destroy the Solar Towers and collect the Salvage you find in this area.

You have to use your Plasma Cannon to destroy the Towers, or you can shoot the explosive barrels; however make sure you don’t stay near them.

After you destroy all three towers continue forward.

You will engage your first enemies.

To crouch, press Y (on Xbox 360). Move forward slowly and don’t forget to shoot the explosive barrels on your left, for additional Salvage. Clear the area and continue until you reach the next checkpoint.

Objective 4: Secure the area

Take care of the Cultists on your right.

Keep in mind that you can destroy the environment, by shooting the explosive barrels.

Clear the area and continue, after you pick up the equipment.

There is an audio log on your right, near the tower you destroyed.

Objective 5: Find the Cultist reinforcements

After the area on your right is cleared, proceed through the gates, on the left.

Move forward until you reach a small canyon. Crouch and stay alert, because in the next area you will be attacked by more Cultists.

Take out those inside the house on your left, then those on the hill on your right.

Shoot the barrels to kill several enemies with one bullet.

After all enemies are dead, you can continue up the stairs. Press Back to activate your GPS.

Jump off the ledge and S.A.M. will inform you that the Nano Forge was repaired.

Objective 6: Repair the bridge

When you are near the destroyed bridge, press and hold LB to repair it.

Cross the bridge and follow the path to your left.

Enter the cargo bay.

Approach the console and interact with it, to open the next door.

Get ready to fight against a Scout Walker.

Objective 7: Kill the Scout Walker

In order to defeat the Scout Walker, you have to stay mobile and fire at him all the time.

Make sure you take cover behind the crates, and when he destroys them, use the Nano Forge to rebuild them.

Don’t stay in one place.

A good idea is to use your Plasma Cannon for increased damage.

After you defeat the boss, pick up the Salvage and the ammunition you find.

Hold X to enter the Terraformer.

A cutscene starts and you will unlock the Unto the Breach Achievement/Trophy.

After you get inside the Terraformer you will gain access to a new ability: Impact.

Before starting your next mission, remember the game’s basics and don’t forget you can use the GPS to find your next objective.

Objective 8: Get to the turbine room

Move forward and use Impact to destroy the door on the left.

Use the same ability when you reach the next door and continue down the corridor.

Investigate the room on the left and the one on the right, and then continue

Destroy the third door and kill the Cultists you encounter.

Pick up the Salvage and the ammunition then continue down the stairs on the right.

Kill more Cultists.

Go down stairs, then forward through the door on the left side of the room.

Don’t forget to destroy objects for more Salvage.

Follow the ramps up until you reach a large chamber. Be careful because you will be attacked by several Cultists.

After you kill them all, investigate each room. Keep in mind that the Nano Forge can be used to rebuild the environment. Use it to gain access to the rooms on this floor. Pick up the Salvage and the ammunition.

Use the GPS and continue following the path revealed by your device.

Objective 9: Stop the Cultists

The turbine room is protected by Cultists. You have to kill them all in order to advance.

Stay down and use the crates to take cover. If they destroy them, rebuild them and continue.

When the area is cleared, pick up the Salvage and the ammunition dropped by your enemies, and then you can continue.

Objective 10: Repair the turbines

S.A.M. will inform you that the turbines were affected during the fight.
Use the Nano Forge to repair them and then continue through the door behind the third turbine. You have to repair three turbines.

Objective 11: Find Adam Hale

Follow the corridor until you reach the center of the Terraformer. Get ready to fight more cultists.

Climb the ladder on the left to access the second floor. Repair the platforms you destroyed using the Nano Forge and continue through the door and up on the ramps, then to the right.

Objective 12: Save the Terraformer

Kill more Cultists and follow the ramps until you reach the Terraformer.

S.A.M will tell you can find the panel that controls the extendable bridge.

Use your GPS to find it.

Eventually you will reach a large door and a soldier tells you that Hale is inside the room. Stay alert because a fight starts as soon as the door opens.

Use your Plasma Cannon to defeat the large enemy behind this door.

Objective 13: Extend the bridge

After the fight ends, a door opens and you can get to the control panel.
Extend the bridge and go back.

Objective 14: Find Adam Hale

Cross the bridge you extended.

Watch the cutscene, and proceed to the next mission.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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