Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Must Go Faster and Marauder Defenses

Must Go Faster and Marauder Defenses are two missions included in Red Faction: Armageddon, and the following game guide, explains how to complete them.

This guide is part of the full Red Faction: Armageddon walkthrough.

Red Faction: Armageddon players and fans of the Red Faction video game series, who decide to use our walkthrough, will be able to find all Audio Logs included in the game, as well as useful information on how to beat each boss and eventually, finish the game faster.

This mission starts after Kara saves Darius from Hale’s Cultists. Darius will mount the Walker again and both heroes must get to the marauders.

Objective: Get to the marauders

To complete this objective, you have the follow the path indicated by the GPS, until you reach a force field and 3 generators.

During this mission, you must fight against hordes of Cultists, and you also have to destroy some of their vehicles.

If an object stands in your way use the rockets to clear the path forward.

When you arrive at the force field destroy the generators and the aliens that appear in the tunnel, and then advance.

Objective: Get to Kara’s Homeland

The same rules apply while you explore the underground passages to complete this objective.

Kill all aliens and advance carefully, following your GPS.

When you reach the final platform, you will unlock the Must Go Faster Achievement/Trophy and a cutscene starts.

Objective: Get to the front line

Follow the tunnel to the left, and up the stairs.

Defeat the Creepers and look for a passage on your right. You will see the Weapon Locker and the Upgrade Station. Use them and continue.

Follow the ramps and you will be attacked by Ravagers. Kill them all and search the ground.

You will find the Singularity Cannon.

Continue up the ramp until you see a large reactor in front of you. Look behind it and you will see another ramp. Several Ravagers will attack you.

Go down and pick up the Audio Log, then go back and continue following the main path.

Eventually you will see an Upgrade Station to your right, but it must be repaired. After you purchase additional upgrades move up the ramp, on the left, while facing the station.

You will enter a large area and a Behemoth will attack you. Use the explosive barrels in your advantage and don’t forget to dodge.

After you defeat the Behemoth, follow the stairs up and then through tunnel.

When you reach the area attacked by Creepers, S.A.M will ask you to destroy the bridge to slow them down. Follow the left tunnel and kill everything that stands in your way until you reach your destination.

Destroy the bridge and the alien pods on the cavern walls, then return.

Follow the right tunnel and advance until you reach a large chamber and you see the cave supports marked on your screen. Destroy them to stop the aliens from advancing, and then return and follow the tunnel in the middle.

Take out the creepers and pick up everything you can find. Advance until you see a Marauder Turret in front of you. Mount it and defend the area until Kara starts the force filed.

When you’re done a cutscene starts.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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