Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Knock Knock and Revenge

The Red Faction: Armageddon walkthrough below is divided in two parts: one for the mission called Knock Knock and one for the Revenge mission.

Each part includes a step-by-step guide created for those players who want to find all Audio Logs, Weapon Lockers and Upgrade Stations.

The mission starts when Darius and the sergeant reach the end of the road on their barge. Kara appears and Darius has to pilot a Walker, to go deeper into the underground.

Objective : Find the Ultor Facility

To reach the Ultor facility, you must follow the path indicated by the GPS.

There are no special enemies in these areas, except for Ravagers, Monoliths and Tentacles.

The Walker is equipped with powerful homing missiles which can destroy almost everything.

Use the missiles to kill everything that moves in these tunnels and advance slowly.

Don’t let the aliens get near you.

The Tentacles and the Monoliths can be destroyed with the cannon.

After several turns you will reach the Ultor facility.

More Monoliths and tentacles will spawn.

Clear the facility and then move forward until you reach a sealed door.

Get near it and the Walker will destroy it.

Watch the cutscene.

Objective : Find the Queen’s Lair

After the cutscene, get ready to stop a large number of enemies.

Remember to use the missiles on the smaller aliens and the cannon on large structures, such as Monoliths.

Advance through the tunnel on your right.

Use the GPS to find the correct path.

Since you are inside the alien base, expect to fight an army of enemies. You will also see that there is a large amount of alien pods.

Make sure you destroy them all in order to get the Extermination Achievement/ Trophy.

Advance slowly and clear each zone.

S.A.M will eventually inform you that you should destroy several tentacles, if you want to advance. Do it and continue.

Follow your GPS and take out more aliens and pods.

Eventually you will reach a stone bridge and S.A.M warns you that you should not cross it.

Advance and watch the cutscene.

You will unlock the Losses Achievement/Trophy for reaching this point.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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