Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Infection and The Red Faction

Red Faction Armageddon: Infection and The Red Faction Walkthrough is the sixth part in the full Red Faction: Armageddon game guide which explains how to complete the third person shooter developed by Volition, Inc.

This part is divided in three chapters, and includes the following missions: InfectionOn the run and The Red Faction.

With the help of this step-by-step guide, Red Faction: Armageddon players will be able to find all weapons and Audio Logs while they advance in the game.

To complete the first mission, you have to reach Bastion; however you will notice that the civilian buildings were infected by the aliens.

Move forward and you will find the Plasma Beam. Continue and use the cart on the left to move forward. The cart is balancing, therefore move quickly.

Objective: Destroy the infected buildings

The objective is clear. There are five infected buildings that must be destroyed, and all of them are protected by aliens. Creepers, Wraiths and Ravagers.

The most effective weapon that you can use to destroy a building, is the Plasma Beam, because this weapon cuts through everything. You can also use the Magnet Gun or the Rocket Launcher if you like.

After you destroy a building, make sure you collect the Salvage. Take your time and don’t rush.

S.A.M will show you the right path every time, therefore you can’t get lost.

If you follow the course revealed by S.A.M, you will arrive to Bastion.

Now, since you are banished from the town, you need to find a way to reach the surface.

Objective: Find a way out of the sewers

Press Back to activate the GPS.

Proceed through the tunnel and you will find the Pulse Grenade Launcher.

Cross the bridge, climb the ladder and destroy the alien pod. Kill the aliens and go up the ramp.

Use the Weapon Locker and the Upgrade Station, on the right, if you want.

In the next area destroy the two pods and kill the Creepers. Proceed but stay alert because you will encounter several Ravagers.

Move forward following the ramps.

The angry civilians will destroy one of the bridges you must cross. Don’t forget that you can repair structures.

Objective: Meet Kara at the market

Continue up the ramps, but make sure that you explore each chamber. There are Audio Logs to be found and more Salvage.

You will encounter more Ravagers.

To find the alternate route, simply press Back and S.A.M will assist you.

Exit the building and watch the cutscene. Get ready because you will be attacked by Creepers and Ravagers.

Advance slowly and stay alert because in these tunnels you will be under constant attacks.

Eventually, you will reach a ledge.

Jump and upgrade your skills. Use the Weapon Locker if you want to change your weapons, and then enter the LEO suit.

Fire several rockets to create an exit, in one of the walls masked by wooden planks, and then go right.

Objective: Find Kara

While wearing the suit, make sure you use the advantage of your powerful weapons. Destroy as many structures as you can, for additional Salvage.

To complete this objective, simply follow the path you receive from S.A.M and kill everything that moves.

Eventually you will reach a ledge in the tunnels and you won’t be able to move forward. Exit the suit and repair the stairs, then climb up.

Use the Weapon Locker and the Upgrade station you see on your left and pick up the Audio Log.

Move forward through the tunnel and watch the cutscene. Get ready to fight a Behemoth.

Objective: Kill the Behemoth – Boss Fight

The Behemoth is a strong alien, and it’s a good idea to use heavy weapons against him. The Plasma Beam can help you in this fight, or the Rocket Launcher; however, no matter what weapon you use, during the fight you must dodge all the time.

This strategy will help you to avoid the Behemoth’s charging attacks which can be deadly.

Stay mobile and look around for ammunition if you run out. There are plenty of crates.

After you defeat him, explore the area and pick up the Salvage, and then follow the trail indicated by your GPS to reach Kara.

A cutscene starts and you will unlock the Survival of the Fittest Achievement/Trophy, as well as Tier 3 upgrades.

As you can see, Mason and Kara finally made it to the surface and joined the Red Faction. Now, they focus on finding Hale, but first; both of them will have to help the faction.

Objective: Protect the Red Faction

As soon as you receive this objective, get ready to stop the alien attacks. There is a large number of Ravagers attacking your position. Get cover and kill them all.

Behind you is a Weapon Locker as well as an Upgrade Station. Use them if you want. It is a good idea to get the Maul, because you may run out of ammo, during the next mission.

Objective: Destroy the Alien Pods

This objective is tricky because you need to advance on the battlefield to destroy 8 alien pods, and the number of aliens waiting for you is high.

Two of these pods can be located on the right side of the main road, into a small cave.

One is located near the large house that can be spotted on the battlefield, while five are on the main road. You will observe them while they spawn more aliens.

Don’t waste your ammunition because you also have to get back to starting point. At the end of the road you will find an Audio Log. A Behemoth will also wait for you.

Destroy the pods and return as fast as you can.

Objective: Protect the Red Faction

You will be asked to enter the LEO Suit and help the Red Faction.

The LEO Suit is on the right side of the main road, while facing the battlefield.

Enter the suit and hold your position.

You will unlock the I’m All You’ve Got Achievement/Trophy for completing this objective.

Clear the area and talk to Winters.

Watch the cutscene.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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