Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Bastion Defenses

Players who have reached Bastion in Red Faction: Armageddon, are now asked to defend it, in the mission called Bastion Defenses.

Our text game guide below is a walkthrough created for the third mission of the game.

The walkthrough explains how to complete each objective in the Bastion Defenses and where to find new weapons or the Audio Logs.

Objective 1: Gather the power cells

When the mission starts, you will notice an Upgrade Station to your right and a Weapon Locker to your left.

Use them if you want to change your weapons, or to purchase additional upgrades.

Move forward and you will find the Banshees Pistols. Pick them if you want, and continue through the camp.

You will receive additional information regarding the power cells, from a civilian, during a small cutscene.

When the cutscene ends, you will be attacked. Use the small turret in front of you to stop the attack, and then explore the area.

One of the power cells is marked on your screen. Fire a heavy weapon at the platform to destroy it, and get the power cell.

Proceed forward, following your GPS.

You will enter a tunnel and when you exit it, you will be attacked by Ravagers and Creepers. Keep in mind this area features several cocoons that spawn these creatures. Find them as fast as you can and destroy them, and then take care of the remaining aliens.

Explore this area for more Salvage and destroy the second platform to pick up the power cell.

Move forward until you see two turrets. Mount one as soon as possible, because more aliens will appear through the tunnel near these turrets.

Kill them and look near the turrets, to the right, for an Audio Log.

Continue through the tunnel, until you see a force field on your left. There are no aliens in this area, therefore explore it.

If you approach the force field, one of the prisoners will ask you to help him, and you must find a way to set him free.

Near the generator, on the right, you will see a console, but it’s not working. Behind the console, is an empty platform. Use your Nano Forge to repair the reactor.

There are two more reactors in this area, and you must repair those too. One is downstairs, near a dead body. Look for a white sign with a small icon on it.

The third reactor is near the force field and the houses, on your right, while facing the prisoners. Before repairing the third reactor, pick up the salvage, and then return to the force field. Use the console near the first reactor but be careful because you will be attacked.

Use the turrets to kill the aliens attacking you and continue through the tunnel.

When you exit the tunnel, you will be attacked by more ravagers. There is also a Monolith on the right. Take out the ravagers and then destroy the Monolith.

Pick up the last power cell and return to the base.

Use your GPS if you are lost, but be careful because more Ravagers will spawn.

When you arrive at the destination, a cutscene starts showing a civilian trying to get the power cells from you. Get ready to fight.

Kill the Ravagers and destroy the Monolith.

Objective 2: Return to Bastion

Use your GPS and get back to Bastion.

Upgrade your skills and enter Bastion.

Watch the cutscene.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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