Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Air Support and The Road Less Traveled

Players who wish to complete the Air Support and The Road Less Traveled missions included in Red Faction: Armageddon can read the guide below in order to find out how to defeat the aliens faster and where to look for the secret Audio Logs.

This walkthrough is part of the full Red Faction: Armageddon game guide created exclusively for the third-person shooter developed by Volition, Inc.

Darius find out that he must destroy the Central Mind to put an end to the nightmare he started. He also finds out that Hale survived, and the mission starts with Darius as a pilot.

Objective: Get to Winters

Fly the shuttle using the commands presented in the tutorial, and follow the GPS.

You must destroy the infected targets you find in your way.

Make sure you don’t stay in one place and use your missiles against large structures.

You will eventually reach a large gate, revealed by S.A.M’s alternative route.

Fire several missiles to create a hole and enter the tunnels.

These tunnels are filled with aliens; therefore trying to kill them all may be frustrating, especially because your ship has low armor.

Instead try, to focus on piloting the shuttle and destroy only those alien structures that stand in your way.

Follow the path and don’t worry when you lose the control of the ship.

Destroy the bridge using your missiles, to stop the alien attack.

For completing this objective you will unlock the Old Friends, Old Enemies Achievement/Trophy.

Watch the cutscene.

Now, that you know how to stop the alien invasion is time to get to work.

Objective: Get on the barge

The objective is clear.

Follow the path revealed by the GPS, down the ramps and you will see the Upgrade Station to the left, and the barge to the right.

Purchase the upgrades and then get on the barge.

Use the turret to kill the aliens until you reach a force-field.

You have to deactivate it, therefore follow the tunnel on the right, when the barge stops.

Objective: Deactivate the force filed

Go up the stairs and kill the Ravagers and the Creepers.

Advance and look on your right, because you will find and Audio Log.

If you followed our walkthrough until now, you should get the Chronicler Achievement/Trophy.

Repair the bridge and cross it, killing everything that appears in your way.

Repair the second bridge and continue up the ramp until you reach the console. You have to kill more aliens to reach your destination, but as soon as you see the console, repair it.

Deactivate the force field and get back to the barge.

You can jump directly from the platform into the barge.

Mount the turret.

Several Tentacles will spawn from the walls while you proceed.

Eventually, you will reach a large door and you must unlock it.

Follow the same rules you followed when you lowered the force field, and you will be able to move forward.

Make sure you collect the Salvage and upgrade your skills. There are no epical enemy units in this area.

After you unlock the gate, get back to the barge and mount the turret.

To open the third bridge use the same mechanics as above, but be careful because you will encounter a Behemoth near the control panel.

After you open the third gate, jump on the barge and continue forward.

You will observe that you reached a dead end. Shoot the walls on your left to clear the path.

After the barge starts moving stay focused because you will have to destroy several generators in order to lower a force field.

If you fail, the barge will be destroyed; therefore concentrate your fire on the generators until they are all down. Don’t try to kill the Ravagers that appear because you will lose time.

When the force field that protects the device in the center of the room is down, shoot the “arms” coming out from it. After you destroy all of them, shoot the core of the device, to stop it.

A cutscene will start and you will unlock the Knock Knock Achievement/Trophy.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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