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Red Faction Armageddon Game Guide: Skills, Abilities and Upgrades List

Darius Mason, the main character in Red Faction: Armageddon can increase his effectiveness in combat by purchasing various upgrades.

These upgrades can be acquired through Upgrade Stations which can be found in the game. Some of these stations may be damaged; therefore Darius must repair them first, if he wants to buy certain upgrades.

Each upgrade available in Red Faction: Armageddon requires Salvage points, and players should know that these points can be gathered from the beginning of the game.

The most effective way to increase the amount of Salvage is to destroy the environment (buildings, crates, etc…). Killing aliens also awards Salvage points, but only after Autopsy is purchased.

Mason’s upgrades are divided in tiers, and there are 4 tiers available in Red Faction: Armageddon. To unlock a specific tier in the game, players will have to advance in the Campaign Mode.

When the game starts, players should keep in mind that upgrading Mason’s skills is a vital feature in Red Faction: Armageddon.

Without upgrades, the player will not be able to overcome the alien infestation, especially because these upgrades modify Mason’s attributes and stats, such as health and weapon handling.

The guide below reveals the full list of upgrades obtainable in Red Faction: Armageddon.

The list was created with the purpose of helping players to decide what upgrades they should purchase in the game, and how they will change Mason’s abilities.

Red Faction Armageddon Tier 1 (Level 1) Upgrades

Recoil Reduction –- Cost: 1,000 -– Reduces the negative effects on accuracy that occur from repeated weapon fire.

Evasive -– Cost: 1,000 -– Reduces enemy accuracy while you are dodging. Additionally, reduces damage taken while dodging.

Enemy Health Indicators -– Cost: 1,000 – S.A.M. provides a visual indicator of enemy vital signs.

Health Increase 1 –- Cost: 1,000 -– Increases your total health.

Shockwave – Cost: 1,000 –- The Nano Forge releases a burst of energy which stuns nearby enemies and damages them.

Fast Hands –- Cost: 1,000 -– Reduces reload times as well as reducing the time it takes to switch between carried weapons.

Red Faction Armageddon Tier 2 (Level 2) Upgrades

Impact Boost –- Cost: 1,000 -– Increases the power of Impact, giving it a faster recharge rate, increased damage and a longer range.

Dead Eye –- Cost: 1,000 -– Makes you more accurate, as well as reducing camera shaking while you are zoomed in.

Autopsy -– Cost: 1,000 –- Salvage is created from dead enemies.

Shell -– Cost: 1,000 –- The Nano Forge creates a sphere of protective energy which stops incoming weapon fire. Enemies within the Shell are attacked by nanites.

Deep Pockets –- Cost: 1,000 -– Increases the amount of maximum weapon carried for each weapon.

Melee Training -– Cost: 1,000 –- Increases the damage and effectiveness of your melee attacks.

Shockwave Boost –- Cost: 1,000 -– Requires: Shockwave -– Increases the radius damage and enemies affected by Shockwave, as well as reducing the cooldown between uses.

Improved Explosives -– Cost: 1,000 -– Increases the damage done by explosive weaponry.

Berserk -– Cost: 1,000 –- The Nano Forge infuses you with energy, temporarily increasing your speed and damage.

Improved Small Arms 1 -– Cost: 1,000 -– Increases damage inflicted with non-explosive weaponry.

Stopping Power –- Cost: 1,000 -– Your weapons have more stopping power, and hit with greater force.

Last Gasp -– Cost: 1,000 –- When you are at very low health, you take reduced damage.

Red Faction Armageddon Tier 3 (Level 3) Upgrades

Hollow-Tipped Rounds -– Cost: 1,000 -– Greatly increases the effectiveness of head shots.

Wide Impact -– Cost: 1,000 -– Requires: Impact Boost -– Greatly widens the destructive area of Impact.

Resourcefulness –- Cost: 1,000 -– Increases the amount of ammo received when picking up ammo packs.

Berserk Boost -– Cost: 1,000 -– Requires: Berserk –- Increases weapon accuracy, fire rate and reload speed. Additionally, reduces cooldown between uses.

Extended Clips -– Cost: 1,000 -– The clip size for all weapons is increased.

Rapid Blast -– Cost: 1,000 -– Increases the rate of fire for all explosive weaponry.

Faster Replenishment -– Cost: 1,000 –- Your Nano Forge energy replenishes itself faster.

Health Increase 2 -– Cost: 1,000 –- Requires: Health Increase 1 -– Further increases your total health.

Shell Boost -– Cost: 1,000 -– Requires: Shell -– Increases the size and duration of Shell as well as the damage dealt to enemies within Shell.

Killing Spree -– Cost: 1,000 -– After killing an enemy, your damage is boosted for a short while.

Red Faction Armageddon Tier 4 (Level 4) Upgrades

Energy Transfer -– Cost: 1,500 -– When you kill enemies, the Nano Forge gains its energy back quicker.

Berserk Pulse –- Cost: 1,500 -– Requires: Berserk Boost -– Berserk energy is increased so much that the pulse of energy emit from you. When Berserk is active, you have unlimited ammo in your weapon.

Improved Small Arms –- Cost: 1,500 -– Requires: Improved Small Arms 1 -– Further increase the damage inflicted with non-explosive weaponry.

Shockwave Drain -– Cost: 1,500 -– Requires: Shockwave Boost -– Shockwave now drains health from the immobilized targets, transferring it to you.

Health Increase 2 -– Cost: 1,500 -– Requires: Health Increase 1 -– Gives you even more health.

Reflective Shell –- Cost: 1,500 –- Requires: Shell boost – –Shell now reflects incoming weapon fire back at the attacker.

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