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Red Faction Armageddon Game Guide: Infestation Mode Missions

Infestation is a playing mode included in Red Faction: Armageddon, the video game developed by Volition, Inc. for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

This mode includes sixteen missions which can be divided in two categories, based on the objectives that must be completed by players.

The first category is known as Survival Missions. Players are asked to survive the alien attacks, and these assaults will come in waves.

Each wave has a fixed amount of enemies and there are 30 waves in each mission. Players are allowed to change the difficulty setting of the mission they want to play, as well as the starting wave.

The Red Faction: Armageddon Survival Missions included in the Infestation mode are: Black MarketTrappedHeretic and Extermination.

The second category of Infestation missions is known as Defending Missions. In these missions, players will have to defeat the alien waves and to protect several structures at the same time.

If the structures are destroyed during the alien attacks, the mission ends.

There are four different Defending Missions that can be played in Red Faction: Armageddon, in the Infestation Mode, and these are: MeltdownPressureDust to Dust and Harvest.

Every map (mission) presented above, can also be played during night, but in this case the name of the mission includes the DARK termination (Example: Black Market DARK).

These maps must be unlocked.

Our guide below offers the full list of Infestation missions that can be accessed by players in Red Faction: Armageddon, as well as their “in-game” descriptions.

Red Faction Armageddon Infestation Mode Missions (Maps) List

Black Market – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – Having driven the aliens from Bastion, Snake leads the team to an alien stronghold in the old black market area. Clearing out the enemy from here will finally give Bastion some breathing room.

Trapped – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – Aliens have overrun a tradepost and underground tunnel HUB. I the process, they have killed all defenseless civilians. You must defeat all aliens in order for this ravaged area to begin reconstruction.

Heretic – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – By cutting off the alien access to an overrun Cultist stronghold, Corvallis thinks he can make Darius and Kara’s journey to the Marauder lands a lot easier. Without the bugs from the stronghold charging in to help; maybe Darius can make it through the alien hordes.

Extermination – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – With Darius throwing the cultist forces into disarray, Alien forces have taken over many former cultist areas. Unfortunately one of them is right next door to the surface camp. Snipes takes the team on a hunting expedition to clear the area.

Meltdown – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – While Darius is fixing the water pumps, Winters and his compatriots struggle to bring a glacier melting station on line so the pumps have something to work with. Unfortunately they have to fend off hordes of aliens bent on destroying the station first.

Pressure – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – Now, that Bastion has water again the steam powered generators need repair. For Bastion to gain power, Winters and his teammates enter alien infested territory with two goals, destroy the alien menace and make sure the generators are working.

Dust to Dust – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – Placed across an important transportation nexus, the town of Dust holds critical strategic importance for Red Faction in the ongoing fight. Snake guides the team to his old stomping grounds to clear the area.

Harvest – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30
Description: – Corvallis leads the team to a Marauder monastery overrun by the alien menace. The team has to bring the generators in the monastery online and hold them while a group of Marauder troops gets the force fields in the area working.

Black Market DARK – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30

Trapped DARK – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30

Heretic DARK – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30

Extermination DARK – Survive Mission – Number of waves: 30

Meltdown DARK – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30

Pressure DARK – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30

Dust to Dust DARK – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30

Harvest DARK – Defend Mission – Number of waves: 30

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