Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Times Square Collectibles Locations

Located near the Dead Zone, Times Square is a Prototype 2 sub-area included in the Red Zone.

It is also the final zone in the game and the most dangerous.

To reach Times Square, travel north from Chinatown, but avoid the streets because the Infected are everywhere.

Within Times Square you are able to find two Lairs and seven Prototype 2 Black Boxes.

Since Times Square is the final zone in the game, if you manage to destroy both Lairs and collect all Blackboxes, you will unlock several new Prototype 2 achievements and trophies.

Heller’s rewards for completing these two final tasks are two new power specialist mutations.

The Prototype 2 Times Square Lairs are located in the central area while the Blackboxes are well hidden in unusual places.

Some of them can be found on roofs, while others in the ruins destroyed by Infected.

Below, you will find the coordinates that can help you discover all Prototype 2 Times Square Collectibles faster.

Eventually, if you followed our full Prototype 2 Collectibles guide you will be able to complete all sets, and unlock the correspondent achievements/trophies.

Times Square Blackboxes Coordinates

Blackbox #1 – 719,67

Blackbox #2 – 679,103

Blackbox #3 – 628,130

Blackbox #4 – 557,123

Blackbox #5 – 534,84

Blackbox #6 – 469,93

Blackbox #7 – 417,91

Times Square Lairs Coordinates

Lair #1 – 568,130

Lair #2 – 661,110

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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