Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Stun Circuit Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

Operation: Stun Circuit is the 11th Prototype 2 Blacknet mission and the third side mission that can be accessed in the Red Zone.

To unlock Operation: Stun Circuit, you have to complete the main mission named Last Resort, which also unlocks the final //Blacknet side-mission named Operation Clockwork.

After you complete Last Resort you must reach Terminal 11, located in Downtown (Map Coordinates: 649, 658).


Predator Mutation


Operation: Stun Circuit features two phases: Cargo Delivery 25-D and Suppression 13-C.

When you interact with the terminal for the first time, you will access the records of Lt. Garrison Pugh. To update the objective of the first phase you must hunt and consume Garrison Pugh. Garrison Pugh fights against the Infected in central Downtown (Approx. Coordinates: 550, 721).

When you find him, he is almost dead and he crawls on the streets, surrounded by Infected.

Consume him to access his memories and to unlock Cargo Delivery 25-D:

“Important Blackwatch and Gentek cargo is vulnerable. Steal it quickly”

After you receive this update, you must travel to the marked Overlook point and survey the crash site (Coordinates: 553, 663).

Approach the marked area and you will find a burning Blackwatch helicopter. After the small cutscene, a new race against time starts, but this time you must collect 35 tracking equipment crates. By now, you should be familiarized with these side-missions; however keep in mind that this time you have to move faster than before.

Tip: Don’t glide too much because you will be interrupted by rockets. Try to jump as much as you can. Remember that when you sprint, you move faster than when you glide from one building to another.

After you collect all crates, return to Terminal 11 in Red Zone and access it again to find your next target: Sgt. Vernon McNabb.

Look for Sgt. Vernon McNabb near a park in Chinatown.

His approximate coordinates are: 712, 587. You should see him carrying a rocket launcher and he also fights against the Infected. If not, he crawls on the ground.

Consume him to unlock Suppression 13-C, which reveals that Rooks and his Blackwatch soldiers changed their target. They’re looking for Dana Mercer.

After you receive this update you will see some tanks spawning in Chinatown (Coordinates: 589, 501). Your next objective is clear: destroy the tanks to smoke out Commander Collins. Use any weapons you like, or just hijack one tank and use it to destroy your marked targets.

From one of these tanks, will eject Collins, but when you try to consume him, he will run away. Chase him through the city, and eventually he will jump inside a helicopter, which appears in Downtown.

Take out the helicopter, and then kill Collins. Don’t summon any Brawlers and try to complete the final goal using only Heller’s claws for additional experience points.

Note: If you trigger an explosion or use the environment against Collins, you will fail to complete the bonus. Stay away from the cars and don’t throw any Infected against him.

When he dies, Operation: Stun Circuit ends, and you can start the final Blacknet mission in the game: Operation Clockwork.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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