Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Orion’s Belt Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

Operation Orion’s Belt is a Blacknet mission featured in Prototype 2. The mission starts after you convince Father Guerra to join your cause.

To begin Operation: Orion’s Belt, locate the //Blacknet Terminal in Oakhurst and access it by pressing B.


Offensive Mutation


After you access the terminal you will be asked to hunt Dr. Samuel Billingsley. Climb the building near the terminal (notice the white flag on it), and when you reach the top press LS to hunt.  Your target is on the eastern side of Oakhurst, wearing a blue costume.

Map Coordinates: 362, 1234.

Consume him quickly, and then exit the area, to receive the following update:

“Blackwatch and Gentek have set up a secure Perimeter to protect their dangerous experiments. Infiltrate their stronghold.”

Next, go to the Gentek facility in Oakhurst (the location should be marked on your map), and infiltrate it, using a military form and the hand scanner at the entrance.

In the courtyard consume the commander (target is marked by a blue key), and then use the next hand scanner located near the door of the facility.

Inside the facility you will have to stealth consume another commander. Make sure you take out the guard near him, by consuming him, and then kill the commander.  Now, head to the second floor and use the scanner to the right to enter the next room.

Your next target is Dr. Genovese. First, consume the guard standing right behind Genovese, then the guard on the right side of the laboratory. Finally, consume Genovese and access the terminal in the same room.

Go back downstairs, use the scanner, and exit the facility (red zone). New achievement/trophy unlocked: Project Closed.

New Blacknet side-mission unlocked, Operation: Black Tulip.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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