Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Manticore Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

As soon as you unlock the Prototype 2 main-mission called Feeding Time, you can visit the southern area of Linden Park where you will find a new Blacknet Memory which allows you to unlock the //Blacknet mission called Operation: Manticore.


Locomotion Mutation


Look for Lt. Cletus Ransom (Coordinates 204, 1607) and consume him to access Suppression 1 – G Memory, and then find //Blacknet Terminal 4.

The terminal is located to the north, in Fairview.

After you access the terminal, you will receive the following update:

“Blackwatch and Gentek are cooking up plans to suppress all threats to their operations. Kill the people in charge of these plans.“

Now, go to the Spawning Hive J-10 in Oakhurst (Map Coordinates: 312, 1268).

Climb the nearby building to scout the area, then jump down and consume the scientist near the entrance of the Lair, to access Dr. David Castleman’s memory, which unlocks Gentek Support 2-C:

“Gentek is escalating its more controversial research. Kill all scientists involved in the experiments.”

Next, enter the Lair and kill everyone inside, including the Infected, Blackwatch Troopers and scientists.

When all marked targets have been eliminated, exit the Lair and destroy the tanks. In one of them is a commander. Make sure you consume him, but don’t kill him.

Combat Tip: Use your tendrils to destroy the tanks faster and your shields to redirect incoming rockets.

After you consume the commander, exit the alert zone and return to Terminal 4 (Map coordinates: 258, 953). Access it again to receive a new mission update, then open your map and locate the scientists (all of them should be marked).

The next goal is to consume the scientists, but make sure you are in stealth mode when you consume at least two of them, to receive a mission bonus.

When all scientists are dead, you will complete the mission. Next Prototype 2 //Blacknet side mission is Operation: Keyhole.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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