Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Keyhole Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

After you complete the Prototype 2 main-mission called Enemies and Allies, in Green Zone, you can access a new Blacknet side-mission, named, Operation: Keyhole.

The terminal required for this mission can be found in Lincoln Meadows, inside a base (Map Coordinates: 874, 1409).


Predator Mutation


Operation: Keyhole is the fifth Prototype 2 Blacknet side-mission. When you reach the base, near the entrance you should see a guard marked on your map by a yellow sign.

It is Sgt. Emery McDonald and you must consume him to start Stronghold 7-H. Now, enter the base and activate Terminal 5 to update the mission:

“Blackwatch and Gentek have set up a secure perimeter to protect their dangerous experiments. Infiltrate their stronghold.”

The next step is to travel to Base India Two One, north-east from your location (Map Coordinates: 910, 1267).

Once you reach the base, enter and consume the commander near the entrance. Use the hand scanner to get inside the base, and hijack the tank on the left side. Destroy the remaining tanks and clear the hangar.

Tip: You can use the same tank to destroy the Orion Phase One soldiers, but you have to move as fast as possible. Make sure you move around while driving the tank.

Exit Base India Two One, and return to Terminal 5, to access the records of Dr. Marcella Walsh.

Climb the highest building near the base and start hunting Marcella. As you can see Dr. Marcela patrols near the base where you found Terminal 5, and she wears a blue suit. Follow Marcela and consume her, to unlock Cargo Deliver 15-G:

“Important Blackwatch and Gentek cargo is vulnerable. Steal it quickly.”

As soon as you receive the update, head to the marked point on your map (756, 1404). When you approach the location you will see a helicopter crushing.

The helicopter drops 36 mutagen containers and you must collect them before the time runs out. For each container you collect, you will also earn additional time.

This mission depends on the locomotion mutations you have unlocked and equipped so far in the game.

Note: At some point, you will find five or six containers on the same building, but to reach the next building you have to glide over an area covered by water. Don’t try to go around it, because you will lose precious time. Heller’s Jet Propulsion Mutation, plays an important role in this mission.

Next Prototype 2 Blacknet mission is Operation: Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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