Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Jack-Of-All-Trades Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

After you complete The White Light main-mission in Prototype 2, you will be able to access two additional Blacknet side-missions, called Operation: Jack-of-All-Trades and Operation: Red Glacier.

Operation: Jack-of-All-Trades is the sixth Prototype 2 Blacknet mission, or side-mission.

The terminal you have to access is in the Green Zone neighborhood known as Lincoln Meadows.

To begin this mission, travel to the eastern side of the Green-Zone to find the 6th Terminal (Map Coordinates: 900, 1263).


Power Specialist Mutation


Terminal 6 is located near a military truck and it is protected by several Blackwatch guards. You can access it without alerting them, if you wish.

The terminal gives you access to the records of Lt. Barry Pollock, which must be haunted in order to access his memories.

Climb a building nearby and hunt Pollock. Pollock’s signal comes from a park nearby (Map Coordinates: 800, 1252), where he patrols with a small squad. Consume him without alerting his comrades, and you will unlock Suppression 5-E:

“Blackwatch and Gentek are cooking up plans to suppress all threats to their operations. Kill the people in charge of these plans.”

After you unlock Suppression 5-E, you must destroy three helicopters. All of them are clearly marked on your map and they patrol nearby. Use any weapon you want to take them out, and in one of them you will find a Commander.

Make sure you consume him, and then exit the alert zone as fast as you can.

Now, return to Terminal 6 and you will gain access Pvt. Dane Fontenot’s records. The next step is to hunt Dane Fontenot, who is also patrolling around another park (Map Coordinates: 835, 1303). Consume him quickly, to unlock Cargo Delivery 18-A:

“Important Blackwatch and Gentek cargo is vulnerable. Steal it quickly.”

After you gain access to all data, a new point will appear on your map (Coordinates: 856, 1283). Travel to this point and approach it, to intercept the helicopter. Get ready because you will have to collect 23 Intel crates before the time runs out. This phase is similar to those you have played before.

The last Intel crates are in a parking lot. Once you get there you will have to chase an Evolved and finish him off. At this point, Heller’s locomotion mutations are very important.  You can opt to consume or kill the Evolved, since both actions will end the Cargo Delivery 18-A memory.

Travel back to Terminal 6 and you will unlock Stronghold 7-I, which contains the records of Dr. Edward Carolino. He patrols on the sidewalks in the eastern Green Zone (around 924, 1348). Consume him to update the final objective of the mission:

“Blackwatch and Gentek have set up a secure perimeter to protect their dangerous experiments. Infiltrate their stronghold.”

From your current position, go south to find Base Juliet Seven Three (Coordinates: 918, 1545). Since the base is under attack, just use the hand-scanner to get inside. Continue to explore the base and you will enter the room where some Brawlers escaped their cages.

At this point all you have to do is to clear the base using your mutations and then consume the marked doctor. Exit Base Juliet Seven Three to complete Operation: Jack-of-All-Trades.

Now, you can focus on completing Operation: Red Glacier.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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