Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Oakhurst Collectibles Locations

The second Prototype 2 sub-zone you will explore, during the game, is Oakhurst.

If you travel south from Fairview, in the Yellow Zone, you will reach Oakhurst.

Oakhurst is a sub-zone larger than Fairview; however it includes only five hidden Blackboxes.

There aren’t any Lairs and Field Ops in Oakhurst.

Collecting all Prototype 2 Oakhurst Blackboxes is, however, an important step, because the reward you will receive is a new offensive mutation for Heller.

Three Blackboxes are in the south-western part, one in the northern Oakhurst, and one in the eastern Oakhurst, near the docks.

Below, you can find the coordinates for each Prototype 2 Blackbox in Oakhurst which reveal their exact locations.

After you collect all of them, travel south to enter the next sub-zone, Linden Park.

Oakhurst Blackboxes Coordinates

Blackbox #5: 464, 1145

Blackbox #6: 312, 1191

Blackbox #7: 224, 1274

Blackbox #8: 234, 1346

Blackbox #9: 122, 1229

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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