Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Midtown Collectibles Locations

Midtown is a Prototype 2 Red Zone sub-area located north of Chinatown and south of Times Square.

It includes 12 hidden collectibles and it is the last area in the game where you will have to find Field Ops.

Unlike the previous Red Zone sub-areas (Chinatown and Downtown), Midtown also features two Lairs.

Destroying both of them, grants access to a new locomotion mutation for Heller. One Lair is located in the western Midtown and one to NE, near Times Square.

Additional mutations can be earned by finding the six Blackboxes hidden in Midtown and the four Field Ops.  In the first case, you will earn a new predator mutation.

For destroying the Field Ops, Heller’s damage improves by unlocking a new offensive mutation.

Additionally, you will be able to unlock a new achievement/trophy called Up to No Good (assuming that you have found every Field Op in Prototype 2).

Throughout the following guide, you can find the locations of all Prototype 2 Midtown Collectibles. The map coordinates are also included to help you find them faster.

The coordinates can be used if you open the map and move the reticule to find the point determined by the given numbers.

Once you find that location set a waypoint and travel to it. Investigate all buildings (especially their rooftops) and locate the collectable.

Retrieve the Blackboxes, eliminate the Field Ops, and destroy the Lairs as soon as you find them.

After you get all collectibles in Midtown, head north to Times Square, the last zone in Prototype 2.

Midtown Blackboxes Coordinates

Blackbox #8 – 448, 197

Blackbox #9 – 601, 230

Blackbox #10 – 748, 216

Blackbox #11 – 687, 325

Blackbox #12 – 563, 268

Blackbox #13 – 456, 328

Midtown Field Ops Coordinates

Field Op #1 – 762, 268

Field Op #2 – 609, 259

Field Op #3 – 409, 233

Field Op #4 – 287, 254

Midtown Lairs Coordinates

Lair #3 – 644, 225

Lair #4 – 374, 217

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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