Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Linden Park Collectibles Locations

In Prototype 2, Linden Park is the southern neighborhood in the Yellow Zone. You should visit Linden Park after you collect all Prototype 2 Blackboxes in Oakhurst and Fairview.

Unlike the previous areas you have explored, Linden Park includes one hidden Lair, four Blackboxes and three Field Ops.

In fact, in Linden Park you will find the first Lair in Prototype 2.

Make sure you collect every Blackbox in Linden Park to unlock a new offensive mutation for Heller, and then find all Field Ops to unlock a new defensive mutation.

Don’t leave Linden Park without destroying the Lair, because you will miss a very important predator mutation.

To locate all Prototype 2 collectibles in Linden Park, use the coordinates below.

When you enter the Lair, follow the objectives that appear on your screen and clear it, by killing all enemies.

After you find all collectibles in the Yellow Zone, progress through the game’s main missions, and finish all //Blacknet side-missions.

Use one of the Airbridges in Oakhurst or Fairview, to travel to Salt Yard Plains in the Green Zone.

Linden Park Blackboxes Coordinates

Blackbox #10 – 74, 1460

Blackbox #11 – 158, 1464

Blackbox #12 – 490, 1399

Blackbox #13 – 420, 1286

Linden Park Field Ops Coordinates

Field Op #5 – 385, 1511

Field Op #6 – 425, 1408

Field Op #7 – 41, 2540

Linden Park  Lair Coordinates

Lair # 1 – 406,1339

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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