Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Lincoln Meadows Collectibles Locations

The third and final sub-area in the Green Zone, is Lincoln Meadows.

Just like the previous sub-zone, known as Fulton, Lincoln Meadows includes two Prototype 2 Lairs, five Prototype 2 Blackboxes and four Prototype 2 Field Ops.

Lincoln Meadows is located on the eastern side of the Green Zone.

After you find all hidden collectables in Lincoln Meadows, assuming that this is the last area you have to explore; you can use the airbridge and travel to the Red Zone.

In this case, the first area you have to explore is Downtown.

If you manage to find all hidden Field Ops in Lincoln Meadows, you will unlock a new predator mutation.

On the other hand, for destroying both Lincoln Meadows Lairs, a new locomotion mutation becomes available.

Additionally, for finding all hidden Black Boxes in this area, you will be able to improve Heller’s defense through one of the defensive mutations which become available.

Below, is a Prototype 2 guide, which reveals all map coordinates for the collectibles you can find in Lincoln Meadows.

Lincoln Meadows Blackboxes Coordinates

Blackbox #1 – 876, 1156

Blackbox #2 – 845, 1203

Blackbox #3 – 870, 1326

Blackbox #4 – 966, 1414

Blackbox # 5 – 910 ,1464

Lincoln Meadows Field Ops Coordinates

Field Op #5 – 846, 1159

Field Op #6 – 883, 1526

Field Op #7 – 821, 1522

Field Op #8 – 932, 1273

Lincoln Meadows Lairs Coordinates

Lair #2 – 834, 1181

Lair #4 – 842, 1485

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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