Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Downtown Collectibles Locations

Downtown is a Prototype 2 Red Zone neighborhood located south of Chinatown.

If you have reached this area, you already know that Heller’s mutations play an important role in Prototype 2, making him stronger, faster and deadlier.

New mutations can be unlocked by completing //Blacknet missions, or by finding hidden collectibles.

Some of these collectibles are in Downtown.

It is important to know that in this specific area, you can find only five Field Ops, and since the Red Zone is in fact a conflict zone, searching for them can be very challenging.

To find all Prototype 2 Downtown Field Ops try to stay above the ground, because the streets are filled with Infected.

As soon as you discover a hidden Field Op, take it out, and then leave the area before the Infected overwhelm you.

In the Red Zone, Heller’s Pack Leader ability is very effective against Field Ops, allowing you to keep a fair distance, while the Brawlers you summon, kill your enemies.

Don’t forget that the Brawlers on the streets can follow Heller and attack him even if he stands on top of the highest building.

Remain alert all the time, and find all Prototype 2 Downtown Field Ops, to unlock a new locomotion mutation.

The coordinates revealed in this guide, will help you find all Field Ops faster.

After you destroy them travel north, to Chinatown.

Downtown Field Ops Coordinates

Field Op #9 –  587, 663

Field Op #10 –  533, 771

Field Op #11 –  637, 819

Field Op #12 –  538, 914

Field Op #13 –  764, 666

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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