Prototype 2 Collectibles Guide


Prototype 2 includes a series of 82 collectibles that can be found by players and fans of the video game.  There are three different types of Prototype 2 collectibles, and those who manage to find them all, will be able to upgrade Heller’s mutations and abilities.

In Prototype 2, the playing area is known as New York Zero (abbreviated NYZ), and it is divided in three different zones: Yellow Zone (where the game starts), Green Zone (safe zone), and Red Zone (the final zone, where the game ends).

Each major zone is also divided in three or more sub-zones (neighborhoods) that can be explored during the game. The Yellow Zone for example, includes the following sub-zones: Fairview, Oakhurst and Linden Park.

In every sub-zone, players can discover various sets of collectibles such as Blackboxes, Field Ops and Lairs. Completing a set in one of the sub-zones will unlock a new mutation for Heller.

Blackboxes are hidden items that must be recovered from specific locations, while a Field Op, is a group of enemies that must be killed as soon as the player discovers them. A Lair is a contaminated underground area that must be cleared by completing several objectives. The number of collectibles in a sub-zone varies, as well as the rewards for completing a set.

Since Heller’s mutations play a very important role in the game, finding all Prototype 2 collectables is mandatory.

The map of the game can be a helpful tool in completing this task, because players can access it anytime in the game, and they can use a series of coordinates to find each collectable.

When the NYZ map is accessed, the player can move around a reticle, which allows him to set new waypoints. On the right side of the reticle, there are two numbers, known as coordinates. Because every Prototype 2 collectible can be found in a fixed location, knowing its exact coordinates is the key to find it.

The following Prototype 2 game guide, reveals the location of each collectible in the game.

The guide was divided in multiple parts, based on the sub-zones in the game, and all guides include the coordinates required to find every Blackbox, Field Op and Lair hidden in a sub-zone.

Additionally, our Prototype 2 collectibles guide offers a series of pictures that can help players who wish to find these collectibles and unlock the associated Prototype 2 achievements and trophies.

Another method to improve Heller’s abilities and skills is to complete the side-missions featured in Prototype 2.

These missions are known as //Blacknet missions, but to unlock them, players must progress through the game’s main story.

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide