Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Prototype 2 Chinatown Collectibles Locations

Chinatown is the second Prototype 2 Red Zone sub-area you will have to investigate in order to get all collectibles in the game.

Located north of Downtown and south of Midtown, Chinatown features 9 secret Prototype 2 collectibles.

Five of them are Blackboxes, usually located on top of the buildings, while four of them are secret Field Ops.

If you collect all Prototype 2 Chinatown Blackboxes you will unlock new defensive mutation for James Heller.

An additional defensive mutation becomes available for killing all Chinatown Field Ops.

After you complete these two tasks, you can continue the game’s main-missions, or you can play other side-missions (also known as Prototype 2 Blacknet missions).

If you wish to continue your search and locate all collectibles in the Prototype 2, you should head north, towards Midtown.

Below is a Prototype 2 guide, which reveals the location of each Chinatown collectible, included in the game.

The guide provides the exact map coordinates for the points you have to locate in Chinatown, to get these collectibles.

Chinatown Blackboxes Coordinates

Blackbox #14 – 417, 437

Blackbox #15 – 457, 536

Blackbox #16 – 634, 510

Blackbox #17 – 724, 460

Blackbox #18 – 730, 534

Chinatown Field Ops Coordinates

Field Op #5 – 459, 426

Field Op #6 – 618, 438

Field Op #7 – 750, 425

Field Op #8 – 573, 559

Prototype 2 Collectibles Locations Guide
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