Play Live Roulette in Live Casino for Virtual Money

Play Live Roulette in Live Casino for Virtual Money

Play Live Roulette in Live Casino for Virtual Money

European roulette appeared in XVIII century. The army of its fans has grown up since then. It was also caused by appearance of roulette game in casino.

One of the most popular roulette for live casino is made by Swedish Net Entertainment Company and it is called European roulette.

It can conquer professional gamblers as well as new users by it’s perfect quality of graphics, pleasant soundtrack, suitable and intuitively understandable interface and by unbelievable high winning percentage (97.3%).

What should you know when you play live roulette in live casino?

NetEnt Company saved all rules and features of original game in European roulette for live casino. It concerns to the live roulette wheel which is divided to the 37 sectors as well as a roulette table where you can place your chips. There are internal and external bets there.

The main difference is oral bets which you can do by play live roulette clicking on the button “Open racetrack”. Just this button opens the field for additional bets.

You can use a different face value chips while you are playing in live casino (1 – 500 euro). It means that the minimal bet which you can make in the game set is 1 euro and the maximal is 500 euro.

To make the process of bet making as fast as possible developers created special buttons. You can repeat the previous bet or double it by clicking on these buttons.

How to play live roulette? Control panel

It is not a secret that some gamblers use special roulette strategies in live casino which help them make lucky bets. To use these strategies, you need to have some statistical information. NetEnt Company has taken care about it.

There are buttons “Open statistics” and “Open favorite bets” in the bottom of the display. These open tables where you can find all information you need. For example, which numbers have been fallen frequently: red or black, even or odd.

By the way, all this information is available when you play live roulette in live casino.

Besides, there is a window in the top right corner of display where you can find a numbers which has been fallen in the previously sets of the game as well as a “hot” and “cold” numbers.

In addition, you can set up others settings of the game such as quality of the graphics, volume of the sound effects, etc.

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