Papo & Yo Cheats and Trainers

Papo & Yo Cheats and Trainers

The following Papo & Yo trainer was created for all fans of the video game developed by Minority, and it allows them to activate a series of Papo & Yo cheat codes, which will eventually help them complete the videogame faster.

The Papo & Yo trainer woks exclusively on PC and can’t be used to cheat the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Additionally, those who intend to try it should be aware that the encrypted files used by the trainer might be reported as harmful by a number of antivirus programs.

While the trainer was published by on April 22, 2013, the fantasy action-adventure video game known as Papo & Yo became available on August 14, 2012 for PlayStation 3, and April 18, 2013 for PC.

It is a downloadable title that can be purchased through Steam and PSN. Designed by Vander Caballero, Papo & Yo tells the story of a young boy named Quico who lives in a Brazilian favela (shanty town).

One day, Quico decides to run away from home, and from his abusive father, without knowing that he will start an epic adventure on the steets of his home town.

While he explores the city’s slums Quico meets Monster, a scary, yet very friendly beast who loves to play.  Both characters become friends, and they use their special powers to solve the city’s mysteries.

While Monster’s skills are based on force and strength, Quico soon discovers that he can turn the real world into a magical one. His special ability allows him to uncover secrets he wasn’t able to see before, but to find them he has to solve various puzzles and riddles helped by his new friend.

The gameplay in Papo & Yo is a mix of puzzles and other platforming elements; however, the video game was developed to deliver a message against child abuse.

The soundtrack in Papo & Yo was composed Brian D’Oliveira and La Hacienda Creative.

Considered “one of the top ten games of 2012” by Time Magazine, Papo & Yo received multiple acclaims from critics and reviewers.

According to New York Times: “Papo & Yo, a lyrical tale of a boy and a monster, has set a new and altogether different standard in gaming for representing the world as it is.”

How to cheat in Papo & Yo on PC

All Papo & Yo cheat codes listed below require the trainer provided by

It is a free Papo & Yo trainer, which must run during the game; therefore, players will have to follow several steps to install it properly:

Download the Papo & Yo megatrainer from, and extract all files included in Papo.and.Yo.v1.0.Plus.3.Trainer-FLiNG.rar

Copy or move the files to the directory where the game is installed

Run the trainer, and load the game

After the game loads, press the following keys to activate the corresponding Papo & Yo cheats for PC.

List of Papo & Yo Cheats for PC

Numpad 1-Set Super Speed cheat On/Off

Numpad 2-Set Super Jump (Lite) cheat On/Off

Numpad 3-Set Super Jump (Extreme) cheat On/Off

Numpad.-Save current location

Numpad +-Teleport to a new location

Numpad —Undo teleportation

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