Nintendo Switch Screen Specs and Size Revealed

Nintendo Switch Screen Specs and Size Revealed

The official reveal of Nintendo’s upcoming gaming console left us with more questions than answers, but in less than 2 weeks since the debut of Switch we have been able to discover additional information on some of the console’s specs.

Obviously, Nintendo didn’t confirm any of these specs and we doubt they will make an official statement until January 12, 2017 when they will hold the Nintendo Switch Presentation, but multiple trustworthy sources already detailed one of the console’s features: its screen.

According to, Nintendo Switch has a 6.2″ screen with a resolution of 720p.

Moreover, it will be a capacitive multi-touch screen, which is extremely important, because the 3DS and Wii U have resistive touch screens.

Unlike its’ predecessors, Switch’s screen will be similar to those used on modern smartphones, and it will be capable to support multi-fingers gestures, while the 3DS and Wii can only record a single gesture at a time.

Since the Switch (aka Nintendo NX) was presented as both a home and a portable console, the screen it incorporates is extremely important while on the go, and it also plays an crucial role in the console’s battery lifetime.

The size of the screen is similar to the one on Wii U GamePad, which is more than enough for playing on the move.

While used as a home console, the screen size as well as its resolution are not important, mainly because the system will be inside a dock, thus its screen is hidden.

The said dock, is used to connect the Switch to the user’s TV and also recharge its batteries. It is yet unknown if the dock will also boost the console’s performance, or its resolution.

We can only hope, right?

If you are eager to find more on Nintendo’s Switch specs, make sure you follow Nintendo of America on Twitter, and stay online on January 12, 2017 to watch the official Nintendo Switch Presentation.

If you missed the reveal trailer, here it is again, and if you wonder how much you need to pay for a Nintendo Switch, well…a Romanian online store just listed it along with a release date.

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