Nintendo NX Releases March 2017

Nintendo NX Releases March 2017

According to the new Nintendo NX will be released globally in March 2017.

While the price remains unknown for now, Nintendo announced that the new console will launch along with the new Zelda game.

Zelda was originally developed for Wii U but it was now delayed because Nintendo confirmed that they are also working on a port for the NX.

While Nintendo’s NX will not appear at E3 2016, Zelda for Wii U will be available.

In fact it will be the only Nintendo playable game at the show, according to the same source.

On Twitter, Nintendo of Europe declared that :

“The new Legend of #Zelda will be the focus of #E3 2016. It will launch simultaneously on both Wii U and NX in 2017.”

Nintendo also described the NX as a “brand new concept”.

Do you think is worth saving and buying a Nintendo NX?

Nintendo NX Releases March 2017
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