NHL 14 Soundtrack

NHL 14 Soundtrack

The complete NHL 14 Soundtrack includes twelve songs that have been revealed before the official release of the video game, and the following guide present the list of tracks played during the game, offering additional information regarding the titles and the artists performing them.

NHL 14, also known as NHL 2014, is a sports video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

It is the 23rd hockey videogame in the NHL series, which debuted in 1991 on Sega Mega Drive.

Aside from the gameplay that is similar to the previous title of the franchise, NHL 14 also delivers new features and new playing modes, such as the NHL 94 Anniversary Mode implemented by developers to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

Unlike NHL 13, NHL 2014 uses two additional game engines developed by EA for other sports titles. The first engine is focused on collision physics and it is similar to the Player Impact Engine used in FIFA; while the second is the Enforcer Engine developed for the titles included in Fight Night series.

Furthermore, NHL 14 continues to use the True Performance Skating Engine which was improved by the game’s developers.

The cover of NHL 14 features the Canadian ice hockey goaltender Martin Brodeur, who was voted by fans of the game from a list of 60 players. Along with the Live the Life Mode and the HUT & EASHL Online Seasons, NHL 14 includes the NHL 94 Anniversary Mode which commemorates 20 years since NHL 94 was released.

In this mode, players can access the current rosters but the controller layout and presentation are similar to those from 1994.

The NHL 14 Live the Life Mode was also enhanced and the off-ice decisions made by players will affect their teams. Additionally, the Hockey Ultimate Team Mode and the EA SPORTS Hockey League Mode, add a promotion and relegation system.

The NHL 14 OST listed below features songs from various artists and bands, such as the Australian hard rock band, Airbourne, the Danish rock band, New Politics, and the American punk rock band, Rise Against.

NHL 14 Songs List

The following list reveals all songs in NHL 14.

“Live It Up” – By: Airbourne

“Modern Magic Formula” – By: Biffy Clyro

“Let the Day Begin” – By: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

“In the End” – By: Black Veil Brides

“Gluttony” – By: Buckcherry

“Riot” – By: Bullet For My Valentine

“The Boys are Back (NHL 14 Mix)” – By: Dropkick Murphys

“Fire, Fire” – By: Heaven’s Basement

“Harlem” – By: New Politics

“Lanterns” – By: Rise Against

“Been Away Too Long” – By: Soundgarden

“Joker and the Thief” – By: Wolfmother

NHL 14 Soundtrack
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