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NeverDead Walkthrough Part 2: Asylum

Your first stop and the first mission in NeverDead, is inside the Asylum. The following NeverDead walkthrough explains how to complete this chapter featured in the game and how to beat the final boss.

The NeverDead walkthrough Part 2: Asylum offers useful strategies, tips and tricks that can be used by those who wish to help Bryce Boltzmann, the demon hunter.

The mission begins at the Asylum’s entrance. Bryce Boltzmann is accompanied by Arcadia Maximille.

During this mission, you should learn the game’s controls. Press Start to see your current objectives.

Objective 1: Find a way into the Asylum.

Move forward and you reach a small garden.

Take a look around and aim for the objects scattered around you. As you can see the environment can be destroyed. Keep that in mind and make sure you use the objects in your advantage.

Now, go around the central fountain and look behind it. You will find a red glowing stone. These stones are known as XP Collectibles. Each time you get one, you earn experience points, which are used to buy upgrades, later in the game. You also gain experience for killing monsters.

Near the central stairs, to the left you will find another XP Collectible. Pick it up and follow the stairs to the main entrance.

After you enter the Asylum, Arcadia tells you that you have to find a way to open the door. Explore the bottom floor and look under the stairs for a collectible, then go upstairs.

You will hear a conversation between Bryce, Arcadia and their chief.

When you reach the second floor, you will see that the path is blocked. Press the Left Thumbstick to destroy the barrier and continue.

Go left and pick up the collectible, then turn back and move forward.

When you reach the end of the corridor, go left again to find another red stone, then turn back and advance.

To the right, is a small chamber with a hole in the floor.

Jump through it and, get the collectible and press the button on the wall, to open the gate.

Hold X to interact with objects. In this case, the highlighted button. Notice what happens, and how Bryce lost his leg. Keep in mind that Bryce can’t die, except if his head is destroyed. While dismembered, he can still attack his enemies, and he can always recover his limbs.

Exit the room, pick up the collectible to the left, then advance through the corridor, but stay alert because you will be attacked.

Take out the demons you encounter, and don’t forget to fire both weapons. Press X to reload your pistols.

When a demon is killed, additional XP points are generated.

Proceed forward. As you can see you reached a dead end. Press Y to draw your Butterfly Blade. This melee weapon is very powerful and it can cut chains.

After you equip the Butterfly Blade, stay near the chained gate, hold LT and move the Right Thumbstick to perform a melee attack.

Enter the next area but don’t change your weapon, because here you will fight a new demon type, called Spoon.

A Spoon can be killed only with the Butterfly Blade. Kill the first one locking on him, and moving the Right Thumbstick. Take out the rest of the demons, then you will be able to purchase your first abilities.

NOTE: Some abilities are expensive while others are cheaper. After you purchase an ability you must equip it, otherwise, it will not affect Bryce. Press RB and then select the ability purchased by pressing A. You can equip only 10 abilities, so chose wisely.

After you upgrade your character, explore the room, and exit through the hole in the wall. When you exit, go right and look behind the tree at the end of the passage. Here you will find a secret collectible.

NOTE: A secret collectible is special because it grants more XP points, but it is well hidden. Each chapter (mission) includes a fixed number of collectibles.

Now, turn back and continue on the stairs in front of you. Make sure you are ready to kill some demons. Against them you can use the blade, but stay away from the red oxygen canisters, because they will explode. If you use your pistols, use the explosions in your advantage.

After you clear the area, enter the house to the left, but expect more demons coming from behind. Kill those too, then pick up all XP collectibles.

Open the door, and you will see Arcadia who is attacked by a demon. Revive her as soon as possible, take out the demon and continue through the door. Kill the Spoon demons using your blade, and investigate the large chamber to the right.

Approach the electric panel on the left side of the room and hold X. These panels are used to dismember you.

Now, as you can see, you can control Bryce’s head. Observe the small tunnel under the electric panel, and roll over through it. Go left and you will enter a small chamber. Notice the green vial in front of you, because it allows you to instantly regenerate your body. You can also press the Right Thumbstick to do this.

To the left, shoot the red oxygen tubes, to open the door from Arcadia.

Follow her, take out the demons, and when you reach the other side of the room, go right.

Objective 2: Search for the Keycard to open the security door.

At the end of the corridor shoot the oxygen tanks to create a hole in the wall, then take out all demons. Be careful because there are many demons in this area, and some of them will attack you from behind.

There are also multiple oxygen tanks inside the room, so makes sure you stay away from them or you will be dismembered. After all demons are killed, explore the room and pick up all XP collectibles. This area also hides a Secret Collectible in a small room, to the right, but to find it, use your blade on the meet pieces inside.

Pick up the keycard, then follow Arcadia back and use the key to open the green doors.

Watch the cutscene showing the final boss of this level (Sword Pig) running on a roof, and learn about the Demon Seals and how they can be destroyed.

You will be able to advance only if you destroy the Demon Seal, by killing all demons in the area. The courtyard is filled with them, and more will spawn from the demon nests that appear.

Objective 3: Destroy all the Wombs

Focus on the nests (Wombs) and take them out immediately, or you will be overwhelmed. Use your sword to increase the damage you inflict to a nest, and move your Right Thumbstick vertically.

You can also aim for the oxygen tanks to take out the Wombs faster. After you clear the area, the seal will vanish, but don’t leave without picking all XP collectibles. Try to reach the courtyard’s central area, and look near the statue for a Secret Collectible.

Now, exit through the door you have opened and enter the Asylum.

Objective 4: Follow the Sword Pig into the Wards

Follow your companion and cut the chains that block your way.

Jump through the hole in the floor and pay attention to the small round demon you see near you. That is a Grandbaby and it can kill you, but only if he absorbs your head.

Always take out the Grandbabies first, because they are very dangerous.

In the next area you will be attacked by multiple demons. Don’t waste your time and ammo on them. Locate the Womb that spawns them instead. It can be found on the other side of the room, to the right. Aim for the gas pipe to take the Womb out faster, then kill all remaining demons.

A small cutscene will start showing the way out (the ventilation system).On the right side, near the location where you have killed the Womb, look for the electric panel. Use it to dismember Bryce, then roll around and look for the ramp on the left side of the chamber.

Roll up on the ramp, then jump from one surface to another, by pressing A.

Go up until you reach the ventilation system, then follow the tunnel.

Exit on the other side and recover.

In the next area, take out all demons that appear, and after you destroy the seal, move forward and then right. You will enter a long chamber featuring a puzzle. To solve it, you must dismember Bryce using the electric panel to the left.

While playing with Bryce’s head, roll over on to the second floor, and when you reach it, recover. To the right you will see a new weapon; the Kaishak Submachine Gun. Pick it up, then turn around and open the door for your partner.

Equip the SMG, and advance.

Go right, then follow the stairs down. Take out a new horde of demons, spawned by a Womb located near the sealed gate.

The Womb must be destroyed first, and don’t forget to inspect the area, because to the right, while facing the Demon Seal is a small chamber where you will find a secret collectible.

After you destroy the seal, use the electric panel on the right to charge up, then activate the elevator.

Exit the elevator and go left to pick up an XP collectible, then right, to complete your objective. Stay alert, because a boss fight follows.

Objective 5: Defeat the Sword Pig – Boss Fight!

You don’t need a special strategy against the Sword Pig Boss, but you have to keep in mind that this hilarious creature, uses charge attacks.

When he comes towards you, dodge, because you will get dismembered. Since the Sword Pig can’t kill Bryce, you will have to pay attention to the demons that can: Grandbabies. Recover every time you are dismembered or they will swallow your head.

The Sword Pig’s weak points are his back legs, and a very effective weapon against them is the Butterfly Blade. After an attack, the boss stops (usually in a corner). Go around and attack him from behind, then move away.

Dodge, and repeat the previous step to kill the SwordPig and trigger the final cutscene of this chapter.

A new character is introduced, during this cutscene: Alex, a strange demon hunter who killed his partner “by mistake”.

NeverDead Walkthrough Part 1: Prologue
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