NeverDead Walkthrough Part 1: Prologue

NeverDead Walkthrough Part 1: Prologue

NeverDead is a single-player, third person action video game developed by Rebellion Developments for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Released on January 31, 2012, in US and February 3, 2012, in Europe, the game presents the story of a demon-hunter, named Bryce Boltzmann who hunts dark creatures for money.

Bryce was cursed to immortality, by a Demon-Lord named Astaroth, and he can’t die; however he can be dismembered. Helped by Arcadia Maximille, his partner, Bryce fight Astaroth’s minions in order to stop the invasion which destroyed his city.

Our NeverDead walkthrough explains how to complete the video game and how to stop Astaroth and his demons.

It is a step-by-step game guide, which covers the entire game, offering, tips, tricks and hints regarding every boss that must be killed and every puzzle that must be solved.

The introductory mission in NeverDead is called Prologue.

When the game begins, you will be able to watch a small cutscene showing Agent Maximille fighting a demon. As soon as she defeats the creature, she receives a call from her boss, asking her to go to Bryce’s apartment

The cutscene ends and it is followed by another one, showing Bryce Boltzmann and Cypher, two demon hunters having a discussion with Sangria, a demon boss. The action in this cutscene takes place in the past, almost 500 years ago.

While watching the cutscene, you should get ready, because you will automatically enter the game, and you will receive your first objective: to defeat the demon boss Sanria.

Objective: Defeat Sangria

During this boss fight the game’s control system is introduced.

The Left Thumbstick is used to move around, and the Right Thumbstick is used to move the camera. To fire, pull the right trigger. You can fire both weapons by using the left trigger concomitantly with the right trigger.

Another useful button is B, which allows you to dodge. Make sure you use it when Sangria starts to charge, otherwise he will knock you down.

You will notice that every time the game’s developers are presented, you will enter the slow-motion mode. Make sure you use this mode in your advantage, and aim for Sangria’s head.

When he starts to fly around keep an eye on him and use the environment in your advantage. In this case, the stone pillars. If you run out of ammo press X, and if you wish to jump press A.

Fire both weapons, for increased damage, and stay mobile. When you kill Sangria, another cutscene starts. The action moves to the present. You will see the main character, Bryce who wakes up after a long night.

Watch the cutscene to finish the prologue, and get ready to start the first mission of the game, which takes place, in the Asylum. Our NeverDead walkthrough Part 2- Asylum explains how to complete it.

NeverDead Walkthrough Part 1: Prologue
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