Napoleon: Total War Cheats and Trainers

Napoleon: Total War Cheats and Trainers

The following Napoleon: Total War cheats, and the PC trainer that activates them, can be used by all players who own the retail version 1.0 of the cracked game, and should be tested only while playing the game in the single-player mode.

While multiple websites published various Napoleon: Total War trainers, only some of them work properly; however, and uploaded a mega-trainer which allows players to activate eight Napoleon: Total War cheat codes, including a cheat for gold and one for battle funds.

The trainer that activates the said NTW cheats may not work on all versions of the game; therefore, players who decide to try it should make sure that they run the correct version of Napoleon: Total War.

Abbreviated NTW, Napoleon: Total War is a TBS/RTS video game released on February 23, 2010, in North America, and February 26, 2010, in Europe.

It is the sixth title in the Total War franchise, following Empire: Total War, and being the predecessor of Total War: Shogun 2.

The video game was developed by Creative Assembly and was published by Sega (retail version) and by Steam (downloadable version).

While the gameplay in Napoleon: Total War remains similar to the one experienced in the previous games of the series, NTW is the first Total War video game focused on Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest generals in history.

Players assume the role of Napoleon through three different campaigns, starting with the Italian campaign which reveals the general’s first years in the army.

After they master all aspects of the first campaign, players continue with the invasion of Egypt, and ultimately the general’s biggest military campaign that took place in Europe. A fourth campaign can be played from a different point of view, allowing players to govern other countries and fight against Napoleon’s invasion.

Aside from these campaigns, Napoleon: Total War also offers additional scenarios, known as historical scenarios, which present the greatest battles of Napoleon Bonaparte, such as the Battle of the Pyramids and the battle that took place at Waterloo.

The campaign mode can be played in single-player or in multiplayer.

After its official release, Napoleon: Total War was well received by critics, reviewers and fans of the franchise, who praised the graphic improvements and the AI. GameSpot gave 8.5 points to the title; IGN 8.9 out of 10, and on Metacritic, the video game cumulated 81 points out of 100.

Napoleon: Total War Trainer for PC

Even if the Total War series contains multiple titles, players should know that the trainer provided by, was developed exclusively for Napoleon: Total War; meaning that it can’t be used to cheat in Total War Shogun 2 or in Total War Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai.

Additionally, according to the developer of this specific trainer, the program was tested on Napoleon: Total War retail version 1.0, fixed by Razor1911.

Those who decide to try the program and cheat in Napoleon: Total War should follow these steps:

Download the megatrainer from and extract all files included in Napoleon_-_Total_War_v1.0.0.0_+_8_Trainer.rar

Copy/move all extracted files to the game’s directory.

Run the trainer first, and then start the game

After the game loads, press the following keys to activate the trainer and the corresponding cheat codes.

Napoleon: Total War Cheats for PC

INSERT-Enable the trainer

NUMPAD 1-Add more gold to the current amount

NUMPAD 2-Instantly access all special abilities

NUMPAD 3-Finish a construction in one turn

NUMPAD 4-Complete all ships and recruitments in one turn

NUMPAD 5-Finish a research in one turn

NUMPAD 6-Add more battle funds

NUMPAD /-Change the direction of the wind to east

NUMPAD *-Change the direction of the wind to west

NUMPAD +-Change the direction of the wind to south

NUMPAD — Change the direction of the wind to east

NUMPAD 0-Dump ship

DELETE-Disable all active cheat codes

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