Most Addictive Video Games

Most Addictive Video Games

When you log on in the middle of the afternoon for quick break in your day to enjoy some down time playing your favorite video game and before you know it the streetlights have been switched both on and off and the clock reads 3am, you know you might be addicted to video games. Whether these are creative other world games, simulation games or action packed but rewarding games, we can all unwittingly lose a day or two to the best of them.

Here are five of the most addictive video games out there right now.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, like other Rockstar games, packs in so damn much in side adventures as well as a huge ever ongoing story line, that you are quickly drawn into their alternative crime riddled universe, losing complete track of time as you do so. Just when you allow yourself to concede “one more mission”, you end up playing for a further three and another action packed hour and half whizzes past. Tapping into everybody’s alternative self, the game brilliantly allows you live out your virtual fantasies and vent your real life frustrations. Here, you can take out your real world road rage, in game without getting into any legal trouble. The plot keeps moving in this instalment of one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, mainly thanks to playing as one of three protagonists and the added inclusion of game influencing decision making points as you chase around Los Santos, stealing cars, brawling with anyone you want, and taking whatever you like.

Football Manager

This footy management sim is the daddy of them all and will happily bleed away anytime you allow it to. As the seasons pass, so too do the hours at an astonishing rate. The new generation of the Football Management series is so deep that you cannot lose focus for a second or the game will punish you with a player’s mutiny, star man strop, accidental transfer request or possibly the sack. It’s a great game that just when you think things can’t get any worse and perhaps you will, at last, turn it off, you win and decide to stay on for a bit longer. Then an injury crisis strikes and you reach once more for the off button, but will sit through one more match before you do so and then, bingo, that teenage wonderkid scores and you decide to keep the game rolling. Brilliant, addictive fun.

Pure Hold’em

Available on both Xbox One and PS4 this excellent poker sim is an additive recreation of, you guessed it, Hold’em poker. The game offers solo as well as multiplayer play where you can invite up to seven friends to your table. If you have no friends due to your video game addiction, then you can simply join a game already in session. In solo mode, the purpose is to work your way through six different tables of increasing skill and bankroll, until you peak at the high roller table where you clearly belong. Pure Hold’em offers all the excitement of a high stakes casino through your gaming console, both of which specialise in great graphics and smooth play and this certainly more than holds its own, not something that can be said for many previous poker sims.

If you don’t own an XboxOne or a PS4 there are many other online sites out there where you can play and win real money – however finding the right site can be quite hard. If you still fancy playing Texas Hold’em but don’t know how to get involved check out this guide. Learn which games are popular and which ones are recommended for beginners.


With a spin off movie in the pipeline, the Minecraft bandwagon shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Not surprising really given that since the game’s launch just a few short years ago, millions of adults and children alike have become hooked on building structures, fighting baddies, trying to raise livestock and mine for gold, diamonds, iron and other precious minerals. Despite being ugly, come on it is ugly, people have been able to see past this and work beyond the 1 bit pixel blobs that act as the game’s graphics. Ultimately, this is because there is an overwhelming abundance of things to do, craft and create inside the Minecraft world making it extremely easy to lose complete track of time while playing. If you’re fresh out of inspiration and have hit a creative wall, the online multi player mode will likely keep you invested in the game for longer meaning you still can’t draw yourself away from this incredibly addictive game.

The Sims

The first Sims title dates back all the way to the year 2000 and, so brilliant is it in its simplicity that the game has enjoyed huge success and has continued to do so on every release since. Here lies a game that basically replicates real life and for those who wish to take some time off from the real world, this addictive replicant provides the perfect outlet. Most of us know somebody who has abandoned real world responsibility to tend for the digital alter-egos. This could be designing the virtual environment, creating the town, family members, homes and everything inside them. This is, hands down, one of the most addictive video games of all time.

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