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Mortal Kombat 2011 Game Guide: How to Unlock Characters, Costumes and Fatalities

In Mortal Kombat 9 or 2011, each character of the game features a series of unique finishing moves.

These moves can be fatalities, babalities or stage fatalities. Knowing the exact combination of keys is not enough to perform them, because they must be unlocked first.

Usually, each character in the game starts with one unlocked fatality, but to execute additional finishing moves, players must buy them.

These finishing moves can be bought in the Krypt, but their exact locations are unknown. The following guide will show players where to search and unlock them faster.

It is important to know that the MK9 Krypt can be accessed from the Extras menu of the game.

The Krypt from Mortal Kombat 9 is divided in four areas and each area features a vast number of gravestones, mausoleums, etc. Players will notice that each location is marked with a combination of letters or numbers, such as BM 50, or DL 88.

In fact the letters indicate the Krypt’s areas, such as BM 50 = Blood Marsh 50, or DL 88 = Deadlands 88.

Additionally, HI = Hollow of Infestation and MD = Meadow of Despair. These are the four zones of the Krypt.

Mortal Kombat 9 players, have two options in the game, in order to unlock the finishing moves of each character.

They can opt to unlock every gravestone, or they can search for specific locations.

These locations are revealed below and will help players to unlock the finishing moves as well as the alternate costumes from Mortal Kombat 9, by searching for their exact locations; however players should keep in mind that they will need Mortal Kombat Koins to open the gravestones.

Mortal Kombat 2011 – How to unlock the secret finishing moves (fatalities)

Baraka Secret Fatality = HI 4

Cyber Sub-Zero Secret Fatality = BM 63

Sub-Zero Secret Fatality = MD 51

Kurtis Stryker Secret Fatality = BM 57

Sonya Blade Secret Fatality = BM 35

Smoke Secret Fatality = BM 26

Sindel Secret Fatality = BM 44

Sheeva Secret Fatality = MD 21

Shang Tsung Secret Fatality = HI 12

Sektor Secret Fatality = MD 11

Scorpion Secret Fatality = BM 72

Reptile Secret Fatality = MD 42

Raiden Secret Fatality = BM 14

Quan Chi Secret Fatality = HI 39

Noob Saibot Secret Fatality = BM 8

Nightwolf Secret Fatality = MD 2

Mileena Secret Fatality = BM 2

Liu Kang Secret Fatality = HI 28

Kung Lao Secret Fatality = MD 31

Kitana Secret Fatality = BM 23

Kano Secret Fatality = HI 18

Kabal Secret Fatality = DL 37

Johnny Cage Secret Fatality = DL 79

Jax Briggs Secret Fatality = DL 92

Jade Secret Fatality = DL 5

Ermac Secret Fatality = DL 21

Cyrax Secret Fatality = DL 120

Mortal Kombat 2011 – How to unlock the alternate costumes

To unlock the alternate costume of a character from Mortal Kombat 9, players will have to follow the same rules as above.

Enter the game’s Krypt and search for the exact location of each costume. The list with these locations is revealed below, for every MK9 character.

Baraka Alternate Costume = DL 40

Cyber Sub-Zero Alternate Costume = The character has only one costume

Sub-Zero Alternate Costume = MD 54

Kurtis Stryker Alternate Costume = DL 56

Sonya Blade Alternate Costume = HI 22

Smoke Alternate Costume = BM 82

Sindel Alternate Costume = BM 19

Sheeva Alternate Costume = DL 28

Shang Tsung Alternate Costume = DL 101

Sektor Alternate Costume = DL 47

Scorpion Alternate Costume = DL 119

Reptile Alternate Costume = DL 7

Raiden Alternate Costume = MD 14

Quan Chi Alternate Costume = DL 63

Noob Saibot Alternate Costume = BM 5

Nightwolf Alternate Costume = DL 110

Mileena Alternate Costume = HI 33

Kung Lao Alternate Costume = BM 38

Kitana Alternate Costume = DL 69

Kano Alternate Costume = MD 25

Kabal Alternate Costume = DL 88

Johnny Cage Alternate Costume = DL 15

Jax Briggs Alternate Costume = MD 36

Jade Alternate Costume = BM 50

Ermac Alternate Costume = BM 68

Cyrax Alternate Costume = MD 6

Mortal Kombat 2011 – How to unlock Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero

Quan Chi and Cyber Sub-Zero are both locked in Mortal Kombat 9. To unlock these characters, the game must be played in the story mode. This mode is divided in chapters, and each chapter is played with a different character.

If players manage to complete Chapter 13, they will automatically gain access to Cyber Sub-Zero. If players manage to advance in the game and successfully finish Chapter 16, they will unlock Quan Chi.

When these characters are unlocked, they remain active and can be accessed anytime.

Mortal Kombat 2011 Guides
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