Mixcder E9 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Mixcder was nice enough to send us a pair of their headphones to test. We loved them. Bottom line first, if you’re looking for a good set of over-ear wireless headphones, you’ll go right with the Mixcdr E9. Click here to order.

What we liked about this set of headphones:

  1. Sound Quality: 40mm drivers give these headphones really nice sound clarity. Good bass. Good midtones. Our gauge for this is Michael Jackson’s Billy Gene. If you can crank it up high and the speakers don’t distort, and you can still hear the bass and the cymbals in the song, then you’ve got some good drivers. Mixcder E9 does not disappoint.
  2. Active Noise Cancelling: Flip a switch, and you’ve got ANC! This is great on an airplane (we tested it) and it’s great when you just need some peace and quiet in a house full of loud people. Where else can you find this in a $70 set of headphones? You can’t.
  3. Finish: Polished black aluminum sides. Soft pleather over-ear pads and headrest. Flat black over arms. The Mixcder E9s don’t look cheap. They have a good quality overall finish that looks nice on your head.
  4. Fit: The Mixcder E9 may look heavy, but they’re not. It provides a soft fit that feels comfortable with hours of wear. The ear cups also fit nicely. Sometimes earcups pinch, these instead cradle your ears.
  5. Battery Life: Holy smokes! The battery life on these things is amazing. There’s nothing worse than having your headphones die on a transoceanic flight. We’ve had these go for days on end without needing a recharge. If you simply plug them in every night using a standard USB to mini-USB cable, you’ll never have them run out on you.
  6. Connectivity: The Bluetooth connectivity on the Mixcder E9 comes on quickly, easily, and intuitively. We’ve walked across the office and even between floors and have not had the Bluetooth fall out. It’s great for moving around a workspace without having to lug your phone.
  7. Portability: The Mixcder E9s fold a variety of ways to minimize the space that they take up in your bag. They also fold flat, and come with a gorgeous PVU carrying case.
  8. Simplified Packaging: This is one of the things we loved most about the Mixcder E9. There are a number of headphone companies out there that spend a ton of money on packaging that just ends up in the landfill at the end of the day (looking at you, Beats). The Mixcder E9s are packed into their carrying case, which is then slid into a simple corrugated carboard box (that’s really almost just a sleeve). When you get them, you simply pop the top of the box open, slide out the case, and you’re done! No fancy reveal. No bits of plastic and magnets that you’ll never need again. Frustration-free green packaging at its finest.


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