Metro Last Light The Dead City Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light The Dead City is the chapter which begins when Artyom, helped by the Dark One, escapes the train Depot.

In The Dead City, Artyom has to cross the city in order to reach the Red Square and find Pavel.

Throughout the city, Artyom can experience seven visions of things long gone. If players follow the compass in Chapter 26 they can easily miss some of the Metro Last Light collectibles available in the level.

The next collectables’ guide, combined with the video walkthrough, reveals the exact locations of these items.

Chapter 26 Description


“He who sows the wind, shall reap the storm. The dark One opened up Lesnitsky’s thoughts to me. I know all their plans.

I know Pavel is going to be at the Red Square, and that’s where I have to face him – before going to Polis. A Peace Conference is being held there. Laughable. The war has already started, it won’t stop while there’s a person alive in Metro.

All trying to stop it could just as well try and stop a tornado with their bare hands. But I still have to try – I have to reach Polis to denounce the liars. And face the storm.”

Diary Page #1

The first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Dead City can be acquired almost in the beginning of the chapter, when you have to enter the building to your left (after the Dark One gives you a fresh filter).

Use the stairs, while following the compass, and after you open the door you should see a table with a red tablecloth.

Behind the table you can find the Note collectible on a small drawer.

“Once again we’re going through the surface. Hello again, Moscow. A crypt city. A fallen hero city. A city bereft of its soul. It’s not my home city anymore.

My home city is in the past. But it is the home city of the little Dark One… How strange.”

Diary Page #2

After you exit the building you have your first vision and then you have to drop down in the sewers.

As you enter, you may hear a baby cry and a piano afterwards. At this moment you need to take the path on your right and exit the sewers via the hole in the street.

Turn around and you should see an entrance to the building on your left. Head inside and go upstairs to find a piano that will trigger the second vision.

When the vision is done play the last Metro Last Light Musical Instrument to unlock the Musical achievement/trophy.

Note that all musical instruments must be found in a single playthrough, otherwise the achievement/trophy will remain locked. Continue playing until the Dark One says to use the ladder to reach the top of the building.

At the top of the building there’s a Demon guarding her nest.

Pay attention for when she leaves the nest (or shoot her a little bit), and then quickly grab the second Metro Last Light The Dead City Diary Page that’s right next to the nest.

You can kill her with the Helsing gun found in the sewers for another achievement/trophy, but that can affect the ending of the game.

“The Dark One. I saw and angel in him… Yet he’s just a child. I feared him judging us. What if he was to decide if we were going to live or die?

For that reason, I feared him. I feared that the way through the Metro he had to travel was going to bring a death sentence upon Humanity’s head. And now… I’m just ashamed. Ashamed for us all. For what we’d become.

The history of Humanity must not end like this…”

After you reach the sewers again and you follow the light after the last vision you can begin the next chapter in line, Red Square.

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