Metro Last Light Revolution Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Revolution is the eleventh chapter of the videogame and it starts when Artyom escapes its enemies after his betrayal in Bolshoi.

Now that he’s free again, Artyom must find the one who betrayed him, Pavel, and ask him about the location of the Dark One.

Revolution is one of the longest chapters in Metro: Last Light, featuring many Diary Pages and Musical Instruments collectables, and those who want to get them in their first playthrough are advised to use the collectibles guide below in correlation with the video provided.

Chapter 11 Description


“Now I am in REAL spider-infested catacombs… Where the General Secretary Moskvin does not look like the head spider; that title clearly belongs to General Korbut… I sure would like to know what’s on his mind.

What did Lesnitsky bring him from D6? What’s going to destroy the enemies of the Revolution? Only questions, and no answers.

The only thing that is clear: Pavel has information on the Dark One, which makes him my current target.”

Diary Page #1

After you get your equipment back, you have to go around a metal detector to avoid the guards’ detection.

Go downstairs and head inside the room at the base of the staircase (left side as you go down, it’s on your path, so you can’t miss it). The first Metro Last Light Diary Page in Revolution is on the desk.

Before getting outside of the room, check behind the desk for a Musical Instrument.

“One thing is completely certain now: the Red Line is preparing for war. Without making pompous statements or fanning hysteria like the Reich usually does, they are steadily assembling the strongest army in the Metro ever.

And the very silence accompanying their war preparations seems more sinister to me than all the Fuhrer’s speeches…”

Diary Page #2

Next, open the door to access a large area with some kind of machinery in the center. Stick to the shadows on the right side of the area and eventually you will find two soldiers near a camp fire (after you go around the crane).

The objective tells you to go left, but instead go right, in a room with a soldier that sits down (if you’re fast enough you can catch him talking through the grates to another soldier).

Disable the lights and then use the switch to open the blast doors. Pay attention when you open the doors, because a soldier investigates the disturbance. When it’s safe, knock him out and get in the next room, where you can see three more soldiers.

Dispose of them and then get the second Metro Last Light Revolution Diary Page from the small shelf that’s near the end of the room. If you eliminated all three guards, you might have noticed that one of them played a piano, which is another Musical Instrument that must be collected.

“Looks like the Red Line’s General Secretary Moskvin does not do much decision-making. It seems that he himself is Korbut’s hostage…

The one-eyed General holds him in a deadlock with one hand, while using the other to move the pieces on his huge chessboard – the whole Metro. But why does the Secretary, supposedly capable of laying the general off or even having him executed, tolerate his insolence and yield to his demands?

Knowledge, perhaps?

I just have to catch up with Pavel and he’ll tell me everything. We’ll see how he is going to continue singing his songs of equality and brotherhood, of creating a just state for everyone… That traitor!”

Diary Page #3

Once you’re done exploring, follow the waypoint out of the large area and into the next one. Here, the soldiers are doing some tests, so it’s best to hug the left wall until you drop in the sewers.

Once you exit on the other side, your objective is to find a switch and turn off the fan blade. Therefore, climb the nearby ladder and head inside the control room. Let the scientist talk to his colleagues and then knock him out.

Before hitting the switch collect the third Metro Last Light Diary Note in Revolution from the desk next to the switch.

“Justice… Equality… Peace… Moskvin knows how to hit where it hurts. It might seem strange, but they are right: if we don’t reach an agreement, don’t stop fighting, we’ll finish ourselves off much sooner that any mutants would.

Communists, just like Nazis, use the bunker located by the Order as bait. The common folk swallow it hook, line and sinker… And that’s all. War.

Prosperity has to be bought with a price of blood. For humanity to have a bright future, one more generation has to discard its present…”

Diary Page #4

Shortly after you disable the fan you need to go through it to reach the next area. From the balcony go down using the ladder.

There are two guards talking, so wait for them to finish and then grab the fourth Note from the table between them. The last Artyom’s hidden diary page in Revolution is the seventeenth in the videogame.

“I must find the last surviving Dark One. The Order dictates that I eliminate it. That is my mission. Kill it, like I killed all its kin.

I’m prohibited from reflecting on this order, I have no right to doubt, but… After all I recalled under the effect of Korbut’s serum… I no longer know if I still want to carry that order out.”

Now you should find your way across the room, as instructed by your compass, and when you enter the corridor with the door that leads to the next area, don’t forget to open the locker you find in here, because it contains another Musical Instrument.

Follow the waypoint in the tunnels and you should soon unlock the chapter known as Regina.

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