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Regina is the thirteenth chapter in Metro Last Light, and it becomes available when Artyom escapes through the tunnels in Revolution station.

Artyom meets with an old friend, who gives him the means of traversing the dangerous subway tunnels, a railcar known as Regina.

While the chapter is linear and there is only one Artyom’s hidden Diary page and one Musical Instrument, the collectibles are very easy to miss, so players who use the next Metro: Last Light guide should find them faster.

Chapter 12 Description


“I was able to send a report back to the Order via my old acquaintance: Andrew the Blacksmith.

At least Miller will know that I’m alive, that I haven’t completed the mission but haven’t resigned from it either.”

Diary Page

Once you acquire the railcar, get inside and start driving. Soon you will see a door on your left.

Stop the car and get inside the room, then use the Musical Instrument that’s next to the bed. Jump back in the railcar and eventually you will reach a locked gate. In order to open the gate you have to find the fusebox inside a heavily infested area.

When the path is opened, head further into the tunnel. Now you are followed by the dog-like creatures, the Watchmen, and you also have to push a subway car using your railcar. Pay attention to your right side (as facing the subway car) to find a flooded tunnel (look for the green mushrooms).

Head inside the tunnel and walk until you find its other end. Be careful as you get attacked by Watchmen, but once you get rid of them grab the Metro Last Light Regina Diary Page that’s sitting next to the dead body.

“Once again Andrew helped me out – and once again I am riding a railcar towards my goal. This time, though, I travel comfort instead of hiding in a luggage crate risking being put to death on the spot if found out…

These tunnels I’m driving through, though, seem to harbor things more dangerous than the execution squads of the Reds…”

Soon after you grab the collectible you find a dead end and you need to switch the rail tracks. When you drive the railcar on the new tracks you trigger the next in line chapter named Bandits.

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