Metro Last Light Red Square Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Red Square is also known as Chapter 27 in the videogame, and it is available to play once Artyom crosses The Dead City.

The Red Square is the place where Artyom can find his traitor friend, Pavel. He must deal with him once and for all, and also learn about Korbut’s plans.

The majority of Chapter 27 takes place at the surface, where players might have a hard time looking for Artyom’s hidden diary pages.

The purpose of the guide above is to help such players in finding the locations of the Metro Last Light collectibles with ease.

Chapter 27 Description


“I know only one way into Polis from here – through the Red Square. The Order keeps an outpost in the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

I’ll get in touch with our men and tell them all I know. And my goal would be just a step away from there. It will be over soon.”

Diary Page #1

Right at the start of the chapter check the left side of the tunnel/catacombs to find the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in The Red Square, next to a skeleton.

This is the 37th page in Artyom’s diary.

“What is it like, the Red Square? I can’t wait to see. People before used to say it was the heart of our motherland. I’d never been to this place, and saw it only on the old postcards.

This must be the most popular postcard sight of Moscow – the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin… All the foreign tourists used to be brought here first and foremost.

They didn’t nuke the Kremlin in the War. Instead, they hit it with something… Something that spared all the buildings but ate everything organic within the radius of a few miles. Something… experimental.”

Diary Page #2

After you safely cross the wastelands you should soon reach a strange tunnel filled with hands that are trying to get you.

Follow the Dark One to find a building and go around (via the balcony) to find some trenches. At the end of the trenches you should be in a ruined building with many archways. Pay attention to the Watchmen that is running on your left, because he shows you the way into a tunnel.

Head inside the tunnel, and then use the stairs to find a crypt. Next to the body that is on display is the second Metro Last Light Red Square Diary Page.

“For years nobody dared approach the Red Square. They said that something remained in the basements of the Kremlin, luring anything alive in and consuming it. Then the Order purged the Kremlin with fire…

It’s empty and all the black with soot inside now. Just like the rest of the city. The Red Square. The stopped heart of a country long gone.”

Deal with Pavel and his team and then leave the building to trigger the chapter named The Garden.

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