Metro Last Light Depot Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Depot,Chapter 25 in the videogame, it’s unlocked as soon as Artyom manages to get across the Bridge.

In the Depot level Artyom is hunted by many soldiers, but he also learns some useful information from one of them with the help of his new friend, the little Dark One.

The next Metro Last Light collectables guide reveals the location of the Diary Page that can be found in Chapter 25, and the video above also shows how to get it.

Chapter 25 Description


“We are coming to Polis. Together. Come what may. The Little One did not want to leave. Something is holding him… I don’t know yet get what.

Nevertheless, I’m glad it is, because he is helpful.”

Diary Page

Follow the rail track to get inside the train station.

Talk to the men and then head further inside the station. Once you climb on the catwalk the enemies will get in the station. Go past the first squad, preferably undetected, and after you open a door head upstairs to meet with the Dark One, who brings you some new filters for the gas mask.

If you pay attention you can see the Note collectible behind the bars, right next to him. After you open the door, get inside the bathrooms to your left. In the left corner, near the sinks, is a small opening in the wall and it leads to the area with the Metro Last Light Depot Diary Page.

“I don’t know what will I tell Miller, who ordered him killed. I don’t know what the Dark One will think when I introduce Miller to him…

What does he think of us all in general? When I think what he had to go through in the course of the last few days… They were going to kill him as a mutant, and his only salvation was human greed.

Then they were going to turn him into a guard dog, watching over the prisoners and making the green recruits charge into the enemy’s bayonet lines… But he escaped that fate only to be put into a freak show, and then shipped away as property from the station where some people decided to conduct a sinister experiment on the other… God…

What if he really is and angel?”

Continue to slip past the enemies until you find Lesnitsky. The Dark One helps you to get inside his mind, and once you decide his fate, get out of the depot to access The Dead City.

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