Metro Last Light D6 Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light D6, Chapter 30 in the videogame, becomes available when Artyom and the Dark One make Moskvin tell the truth in Polis.

D6 is the place where Artyom and the Order have to take the last stand against their enemies. It is the final confrontation that will lead to the destruction or the rescue of the D6 bunker.

Since the final chapter is almost a continuous battle, the final two Notes can easily go unnoticed by players.

Therefore, the information found in the following Metro Last Light guide can help them find the Diary Pages collectibles.

Chapter 30 Description


“He is gone. He did what he could… And now he has gone to meet his kin. I can’t judge him for that. The remainders of humanity are finishing each other off in their final fight – it is not his war. I hope he was able to forgive us… Me.

For what we did to his brothers and sisters. His mother and father.”

Diary Page #1

As you exit the train, Miller begins his speech and you can’t walk past your comrades.

Wait for him to finish, and then quickly grab the first Metro Last Light Diary Page that’s next to the radios on the right, near the weapon store.

“We must stop Korbut, prevent him from taking D6. If we fail, all we’ve been through after the War, all the hardships we braved surviving all these years, all the sacrifices… Everything would have been in vain.

Could it be that the spring that has finally melted the decades-old ice on the surface, promising us a new hope of leaving the darkness of the underground and reaching out to the sun again, is also in vain? Could it happen that there won’t be anyone left to welcome that spring? I can’t believe this.

Hope still lives while the Order holds D6, while even a single one of us still draws breath. We will stop Korbut – at any cost. For our friends and families. For the whole of the Metro. For the spring we’ve been waiting for. For the future.”

Diary Page #2

Proceed to the battle and fight off the enemies until they bring a tank. Get rid of it as fast as you can and then fall back to the barricade behind you.

As you jump over, look at the right corner (behind you while facing the enemy soldiers). The second Metro Last Light Diary Page is next to the crates (look for a green light).

This is the final Artyom’s hidden Diary Page, number 43, so assuming you followed our complete guide you are now awarded with the Published achievement/trophy.

“Now I know. There were never any stores of food or medical supplies in D6 to speak of. Miller just didn’t want to tell us that: he kept opening door after door hoping to find what he’d promised. Our chance for salvation.

But all he found were containers with viruses. With bacteria. Spores of death. The ancestors left us a vast stockpile of tabooed weapons, nothing else. Korbut knew this. He never cared about food or other supplies. Hungry people are easier to control.

They always want more. We opened Pandora’s box, and we’re going to seal it back. Or die. All of us…”

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